15 in Israel ingrid Wedel third Hour

Israel: The capital is Jerusalem. The three largest cities are Jerusalem, Beirut, and Tel Aviv. As of 2013 there are around 8 million living in the 22,072 km that Israel occupies.

Being 15 in Israel is difficult and full of unknowns because of the religion and the constant threats on the country.

This is challenging because for the Secular Jewish teens in Israel might not be able to see their parents as much as they like and not be able to get the career they are truly passionate about.

"Nearly all Secular Jewish Teens are required to serve in the military after they finish school." (Burgan)

It is unknown if they will go into the military and do what they are passionate about.

A cool thing about being 15 in Israel might be that there are people from so many different cultures, religions and speaking so many different languages going to school with you.

I think it would be very interesting to go to schools where there are people immigrating from over 70 countries. Some even without their parents in a foreign land. (Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

They all go through so much growing up in Israel and then there are so many people that come from all over the world to go to school with them. That might be difficult because the people coming might not understand what they went through.

Growing up in Israel would be difficult and full of unknowns. This is because of the location of the country and the constant threat of war.

While researching Israeli teens by recognizing emotion I understand better that teens in Israel life's are a lot different and harder than ours in the United States.

It would be hard to know that you're studying and hard work could be nothing and you wouldn't be able to choose that you really want.

It doesn't seem fair that it is very likely that you will have to go into the military and the only way not to is to study religion. That would be very difficult for me to understand at a young age that everything is so full of unknowns.

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