The Elements and Principles of Art by melanie, naomika, palenque


Line can be a 2 or 3 dimensional point moving from one place to another. This photo shows line because of all the ridges.


Form is an element that 3 dimensional and includes height and depthThis photo contains form because the piece of art work consists of different 3 dimensional shapes to make something in this case a head.


Contrast is a way of combining two things to stress the differences between them.


Texture is the way something feels and how it could respond to something rubbing on it.


Value, the lightness or darkness of a colour, the tones of a colour


Colour is the chromatic quality of a piece of artwork. This photo has a wide array of colours.


Space is the amount of area that is not occupied by an object. In this situation the fish are taking up space.


Shapes have a specific outline or form that can be used to create things, in this case though the pattern is just made up of shapes, squares and rectangles.

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