Jacinda's online portfolio a1

For this project we had to use our name and add 7 of our favorite things or that describe us.
This one was project where we had to take a silhouette and add a quote into it.
Ram logo is where we had to redesign the ram logo. and i added be kind to since t's like our motto.
This project is where we had to take and image and alter the colors and background
for this we had to pick a topic and then add things that are about the topic and and 3 pictures to each word
we had to take a series of images and make it look like it were moving.
This project was focused on showing the light source
we had to make a new emoji for ourselves.
We had to take a famous painting and make it be apart of a holiday.
we had to take a picture of our group and make it look like a spy mission

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