A Metro Station I Will Never Forget an aweworthy recollection of A Dirty metro in front of one of the moSt beautiful buildings in Europe.

There is something about the press of fresh, cold air against your face as you walk out of a stuffy metro station. It’s like the first breath of air after being underwater for a while. One would assume that after a few months, we would be used to navigating the Italian metro, but the pungent smells of body odor and constant paranoia of pocket thieves never became familiar to us. We had been in the tunnels for half an hour, swimming our way through the hundreds of tourists and locals to reach our final destination. “We should have just taken an Uber,” Morgan muttered after being shoved out of the way by a hurried Italian businessman. Despite our resentment towards the metro, we found ourselves on the cramped little trains for what felt like the thousandth time.

I kept my eyes focused on my feet as I climbed the worn stairs out of the tunnel, concentrating on not slipping on any ice in the midst of the bustling crowd around me. Morgan tugged the sleeve of my jacket. “Look,” she said, pointing to the sky. I was instantly overwhelmed by my surroundings.

A view of the Duomo. Photo by Nell Warnock.

The Milan Duomo stood towering above me, surrounded by a fog that made it seem almost magical. A children’s choir harmonized Italian Christmas carols, surrounded by crowds of proud parents and cheerful bypassers. If someone had told me I was standing in the middle of a movie set, I would have believed them. I don’t know if it was the surreal atmosphere, the contrast to the grimy metro station, or the fact that the entire scene was serendipitous, but I knew as I stood in awe of the amazing buildings and culture around us that it was something I would never forget.

Different perspective of the Duomo. Photo courtesy of mendhak.

We didn’t know what awaited us as we climbed the stairs out of the metro, but the feeling of euphoria we experienced was certainly not expected. What I had assumed to be just another ordinary moment coming out of a random metro station turned into one of my favorite memories of the year.

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