Billy's Donuts By: Elhadj Diallo

Doing the right thing is sometimes harder than most people think. I discovered this one hot, summer day. I went to Dunkin' Donuts, sat down, and started using my phone. I sat there for a while, but when I looked up from my phone there was a blonde haired boy sitting on the couch alone. He looked like he was about 10. I was suffering from agonizing boredom, so after a long debate with myself, I went to him and introduced myself. "Hi, my name is Elhadj. What's your name?" The boy looked confused and then replied: "I'm Billy." "Where are your parents Billy?" I said. "They're coming in like 15 minutes," Billy said. We went to buy some food, and I decided to go first.

I stared at the fridge, deciding on what drink to get for what seemed like an eternity. The cashier and Billy just stared at me awkwardly, making it take even longer to decide. Finally, I decided on a nice, cold, bottle of water. Then I had to decide what donut to get, and at that moment-I thought to myself: "What am I doing with this random kid", and "Will my mom yell at me for taking too long." I ended up choosing something and made my purchases. I asked Billy if he was getting anything. He looked at me and said, "Well...I don't really have any money with me right now. Do you think you can buy me something?"

I stopped and started thinking what to do. I'm a pretty cheap person when it comes to money, it's just in my character. Honestly, I considered just walking away. I'm not proud of it, but I was going to just turn around and leave. Just leave the boy that expected me to give him money. As I began to turn around to leave Billy, I looked at him. He seemed disappointed as if he knew I was going to leave. So, I had another long debate in my head, standing there awkwardly while Billy was staring at me. Now that I remember it, it felt like the whole world was watching me. Every eyeball just turning my way, ready to judge me on my next decision. I felt the cashier staring at me. I felt Billy staring at me. I felt the elderly couple in the corner staring at me. I felt the middle-aged man working on his laptop staring at me. I felt the drive-through lady staring at me.

Not being able to take the pressure anymore, I took out my wallet with my sweaty and clammy hands and handed him $5. As I gave him the money, I felt a great amount of stress get released of my chest. Tired and sweaty, I left Dunkin' Donuts. My walk home flooded my mind with thoughts: "Did I do the right thing? Couldn't Billy's parents have given him some money?" When I arrived home, my biggest fear came true. My mom started yelling at me-"Why did you take 30 minutes!!! I told you only 15 minutes!!! Why didn't you answer my calls!!" I looked at my phone-6 missed calls. I was sent to my room still confused and conflicted about everything that had happened. To this day, I still wonder what I should have done. Wondering where Billy is now. Wondering what other people would have done. Wondering how such a small event impacted me so much.

Created By
Elhadj Diallo

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