RMW at Artomobilia 2019

Happy Friday! We hope you've had a fantastic week! If you're in the Noblesville/Midwest area, hasn't this weather been amazing? I hope that it sticks around until Spring! Oh, is that asking too much? Ok, I'll take it until Thanksgiving then. Anyway, enough about the weather, let's talk about cars, shall we? Last weekend we had a tent and car corral set up at Artomobilia in downtown Carmel's Arts & Design District. There were many awesome cars - from German marques, like VW, Mini, Audi, Mercedes, and BMW, to American muscle to custom - many wonderful people, many cute dogs, great scenery, delicious food, and, I must say the weather may have been the best it has ever been for this event! (We won't mention that it rained almost the entire day last year. Ahem.) We were across the street from Hoosier BMW, as you'll see in my few iPhone captures below. The thought of chasing two energetic boys with my pro camera was just too daunting a task! Ha! And I'm afraid my husband's Porsche fever may be contagious...I have several photos of them on my iPhone! Someone send help...or one of these cool Porsches, and I think I'll be ok. Seriously though, I'll take a silver or green one. And a 911 for Reggie. Because I don't know if we could share one. Please and thank you! (Totally kidding, you don't have to send us 2 of them.) Ok, ok. I'm fine, it must be the fever talking. ;) Enough of my rambling, please continue to scroll for the photos!

Some vintage bimmers in our RMW car corral.
Reggie's Motorworks' #1 fan! Remington covered himself in stickers and took a selfie!
We are so proud of Reggie! I had to get a photo of the boys and their matching shirts!
One of many cool Porsche automobiles that caught my eye.
Aforementioned silver Porsche that looks so fun to drive!
Reggie grew up loving this style of car, especially the detailed tail lights. The boys have started pointing them out too.
Thank you to the kind gentleman pictured here who let the boys hop in the driver's seat. This rig was a crowd favorite!
Many thanks to members of the RMW team who made this event a success! Nick, Nick, Brett, and Toby, plus Nick's son, Colin, volunteered their time and efforts all day.
A beautiful car from SILO!

While you're in the Arts & Design District, you'll want to plan a stop at the Carmel Fire Buffs Museum! Our boys love climbing onto the antique trucks and whirring the siren and ringing the bells!

Another crowd favorite! The boys got to sit in the driver's seat of this one!
Oh, I feel the fever coming on again...

Thanks for tuning into the blog this week, friends! From all of us at Reggie's Motorworks, we would like to wish you and your family a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

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