Harn Museum By: Kenneth Magee

Design of the Museum: Work by: Audrey Flack

This shows the design of the museum as you first enter. This work is the first thing that you see as you enter the first room. The work beckons to you and is gleaming which helps to catch your eye and attract you to it. This work shows the design of the museum as the purpose is to get you ensnared in the surrounding artwork and this piece serves to draw you in.

Art and the Good Life: Painting by: Yvonne Jacquette

This art shows the idealized good life in today's society. Most people's lives revolve around city life and living in an area bustling with things to do. This painting represents the idea of art expressing the everyday life of ordinary people who are living the good life.

Core Values in Good Life:

This work represents core values in the Good Life. The work shown here is a traditional women's wedding garb in Africa. This work focuses on the idea of marriage and that is a core value of my good life. Being able to build a family is a main part of how I wish to live.

Medium/Technique of Art and Artist: Work by William Zorach

This work exemplifies the medium and technique used by the artist. The medium is granite which gives the idea of permanence to the viewer. The importance of the work is shown with its medium as it is lasting and durable as well as expensive. The technique of the Artist is shown in this with his facial construction of the hen to display the mood of the viewer.

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Picture of Harn Museum:


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