Checklist: How Healthy Is Your Business? Awesome jUst like you, or in need of a shaKeup?

As an entrepreneur, there's a lot you need to think about in your business. It's easy to get so caught up in your business, you lose sight of the bigger picture, or become super focused on one aspect, that other areas of your business become neglected. At times you might feel like you're spinning plates, jumping from one task to the next, without making great progress. The impact of working in this way is that your time is inefficient, overwhelm takes hold and because you are swamped, things get missed and your business doesn't grow as quickly as it should.

It doesn't have to be like this.

Use this checklist to see where the gaps are in your business. If you know what's missing, you can do something about it in a planned and intentional way. But if you don’t know where the gaps are, you can’t. It really is as simple as that.

Print it out and put a tick or a cross in the box against each measure. Please DO NOT file it away and lose under a pile of papers. Stick it up on the wall of your office and look at it every day. Then work through it systematically to reduce the number of crosses.

Karen Kissane is an International Business Coach and Mentor who works with women who want to achieve more in their business; more income, more growth and more fulfilment. She helps motivated women to realise their ambition and achieve remarkable success.

1. Goals and vision

  • I know what I’m working towards ⬜️
  • I have set long term goals for my business ⬜️
  • I have broken my long term goals into short term goals ⬜️
  • I know why goal setting is essential ⬜️
  • My goals are SMART ⬜️
  • My goals are written down, reviewed and followed ⬜️
  • The success of my business is measured against its goals ⬜️
  • I'm on track to achieve my goals ⬜️
  • I remember to celebrate when I achieve my goals ⬜️

2. Business plan and mission statement

  • I have a business plan ⬜️
  • I have looked at my business plan in the last 2 weeks ⬜️
  • My business plan guides my business development ⬜️
  • My buisness plan is reviewed regularly ⬜️
  • I know the 'why' behind my business ⬜️
  • I have a written mission statement ⬜️
  • I know my mission statement by memory ⬜️

3. Marketing plan and target audience

  • I have a written marketing plan and I follow it ⬜️
  • I have budget allocated for marketing ⬜️
  • My brand is cohesive and recognisable ⬜️
  • I know the return on investment (ROI) for the campaigns I run ⬜️
  • I know how to best market my business ⬜️
  • I have specific marketing goals for growing my business ⬜️
  • I have ideas on how to market my business for free ⬜️
  • I know who my target audience is ⬜️
  • I know how to reach my target audience ⬜️
  • I know what sets me / my business aside from others ⬜️
  • I’m 100% clear on the problem my product or service solves ⬜️

4. Digital presence

  • I have a website ⬜️
  • I have a Facebook business page and / or group ⬜️
  • My business is on Instagram ⬜️
  • My business is on Twitter and/or LinkedIn ⬜️
  • I have a posting schedule and follow it ⬜️
  • My time spent online is efficient and structured ⬜️
  • I post regularly and know how to spark engagement ⬜️
  • I use media insights to track patterns and behaviour ⬜️

5. Selling: like it or loathe it?

  • I feel confident speaking to people about my business ⬜️
  • I have a well rehearsed and impactful ‘elevator’ pitch ⬜️
  • I know how to structure a sales conversation ⬜️
  • My beliefs on selling are positive ⬜️
  • I see selling as an essential part of running a business ⬜️
  • I network effectively to promote my business ⬜️
  • I know how to follow up on sales conversations ⬜️
  • I'm able to generate sales from the conversations I'm having ⬜️
  • I actively promote my business when there is an opportunity ⬜️
  • I give my customers an incredible buying experience ⬜️
  • I regularly get repeat business ⬜️

6. Systems and automation

  • My paperwork is well organised ⬜️
  • I keep track of my business spending and log expenditure ⬜️
  • I have an invoicing system in place ⬜️
  • I follow a set protocol for certain aspects of my business ⬜️
  • I have an online calendar for meetings and appointments ⬜️
  • I have a system to manage and respond to emails ⬜️
  • I carry business cards around with me ⬜️
  • I have a professional email address and website ⬜️
  • I have a way to automate my lead generation e.g. FB ads ⬜️
  • I have an email list that’s growing ⬜️
  • I communicate regularly with my email subscribers ⬜️

7. Passion and productivity

  • I love what I do and wouldn't go back to being employed ⬜️
  • My motivation is high most days ⬜️
  • I know what my long term goal looks like for my business ⬜️
  • When I feel like quitting I can keep going ⬜️
  • My core values run through my business ⬜️
  • I know how to manage overwhelm and procrastination ⬜️
  • I’m resilient and can find a way past obstacles ⬜️
  • I focus on what's important in my business ⬜️
  • I feel like my time working is well spent and productive ⬜️

8. Finances

  • My business is making money ⬜️
  • I'm on track to achieve my income goals ⬜️
  • My income is consistent from one month to the next ⬜️
  • I charge what my product or service is worth ⬜️
  • I have an abundance mindset ⬜️
  • I track my income against expenses - a P&L ⬜️
  • I have an accountant ⬜️
  • I invest in the training and development I need ⬜️
  • I outsource work that is difficult, tedious or that I don’t enjoy ⬜️

9. Mindset and self belief

  • My personal development is important to me ⬜️
  • I know the gaps in my knowledge and how to fill them ⬜️
  • I have a coach, mentor or other professional to support me ⬜️
  • I engage in positive self talk and/or meditation ⬜️
  • I can step into a positive state when I'm having a tough day ⬜️
  • I enjoy learning ⬜️
  • I see the best in people and situations ⬜️
  • I believe strongly in my own abilities ⬜️
  • I am positive and surround myself with likeminded people ⬜️

10. Time for the things you love

  • My work allows me time to enjoy the things in life I love ⬜️
  • I can take time out of my working day without a major impact ⬜️
  • My days are well planned and structured, not chaotic ⬜️
  • I have a support network of people around me ⬜️
  • I know my strengths and play to them ⬜️
  • I am generally energised and well rested ⬜️
  • I look after myself ⬜️
  • I work in a way that enables me to take regular breaks ⬜️
  • I love what I do ⬜️

Being aware of the gaps in your skill set, knowledge or resources is the first step in making a change. Identify which areas are critical for you to work on and take steps to turn your crosses into ticks.

Review your checklist each month.
We can help you to get a tick in each box and create the business you dream of.

Come and join my free community of ambitious women entrepreneurs on Facebook at The Smart Woman’s Business Hub. See you there!


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