My Digital Portfolio! Pearl Huynh

This portfolio consists of 6 art pieces, created throughout the last 5 years in visual art class.

"Food Invasion"

Front side before color
Top side before color

This art piece was created in 2014, during a grade 11 class. The size of this art piece is 7 inches wide, 2.25 inches high. Before this art piece was made, the clay was kneaded to avoid any air bubbles. A regular bowl was a mod for this art piece to get the exact shape. Carvings were done fir the window edge of the windows and inside the bowl. Also, some slip and score was applied to the circles. After, the bowl was bisque fired in the kiln.

Top side after color
Front side after color

Dark red tempura paint was applied to the body of the bowl, grey tempura paint was applied to the window. Black tempura paint was applied to the rims and edges of the window and the inside of the bowl. Light blue tempura paint was applied to the circles. In grade 11, we were taught the different types of dishware and how they were made. For this assignment, we had to choose a topic for our dishes and I chose UFOs. This art piece is a UFO themed bowl. I called this art piece the "Food Invasion" because instead of UFO taking humans. They take food instead because a bowl holds food.

"Under The Sea"

This painting was created in 2014 in a grade 11 visual arts class. The assignment was to create a centerpiece painting using acrylic paint on a 24' by 12' inches canvas. The first thing was to find an idea so the idea was an open clam with a Pearl showing inside, under the sea. What was mandatory to do was to make at least one thing translucent and having a centerpiece and the bubbles was the translucent object. I applied a lot of white to make it look like there was a sun shining down on the painting. To make the bubbles translucent I took a little paint and water and kept going over the canvas.

"Colorful Lanterns"

Montreal 2008

This picture was taken in 2008 in Montreal in a shop called Lumière Infinité. The lanterns were fascinating because of the contrast, textures and shading.

After Photoshop

Then the picture was edited on Photoshop and the lighting of the background was dimmed down. The lanterns are the center of attention in the picture and it look as though there are real candles in the lanterns.

"Blue Vase"

This art piece was created on 8' by 11' inches black paper, in 2013 during a grade 10 visual arts class. The purpose of the assignment was to use three colors and shade in a vase with pencil crayon and chalk to make an ombré affect. I used the color white for the side of the vase with light coming down and a little bit of white for the roundness of the vase. light blue was applied to the lighter side of the vase and dark blue was applied to the side with less light.

"Aging Transformation"

Before aging

Kurt Lehner visited a grade 10 visual arts class in 2013. The students had to do an assignment the requires a portrait of someone in real life. In this art piece a fellow classmate was drawn on 24' by 12' inches white paper.

After aging

After, a wax paper was applied over the portrait and tracing was done to make a duplicate. Then the duplicate was altered to make it look like the person in the portrait was aging. Some wrinkles and warts were applied to the person's face and the person's bones showed to make it look as though the person slimmed down more. Some shading was applied under the eyes to make it look like the aged person was tired.

"Penguin To Taxi"

This art piece was created in 2014, during a grade 11 visual arts class. The assignment was to transform a living creature to an object. I chose a penguin and transformed it to a taxi cab. Some rough sketches and thumbnails was done for the penguin and taxi cab. Next was to plan what to take away or add. After, some resizing was done by scanning and Photoshop. Also, the rough copy was traced onto 24' by 12' inches good copy paper. Lastly, a fine tip sharpie was used to outline.


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