WCPS February

So February has been and gone in a whirlwind and all of a sudden we are 6 months into the school year! Do you ever sit back and ask yourself “how did we get here?” I often spend time looking back at photos that have been captured since September and reflecting on how far we have come.

This week we have launched our 40 acts of kindness lent challenge and assemblies have been themed about the morals behind this. We reflected of times when we have made people happy and then in turn how this made us feel. We went on to link this in to our vision and how we are aiming to create a community of respectful, responsible and resilient individuals.

This half term has seen a real focus on art and teaching children the skills to be able to apply to a final piece which was then displayed in our art gallery. Since this event we have installed a permenant art gallery which was opened by a famous comic artist. We will continue to update this gallery with art pieces created throughout school.

Thank you for those of you who were free to attend our parents coffee morning. It was great to be able to meet and talk to so many of you. We are hoping that this will become a half termly event where you can come in and enjoy a hot drink and breakfast as well as chat to SLT. Some feedback we were given on this news letter was that it would be useful to have key dates moved to the top, something which you will have seen that we have done.

After a rocky December, attendance has started to rise again but we still haven’t got back to 96%. It really needs to be a whole school effort to get us back there, it would be amazing if we could finish for Easter and be at 96% or above. We have 5 weeks left to get there!

As always please do come in and speak to us and use our ideas and gratitude jars in reception to keep us informed.

Thank you, Mrs Paddock

Key Dates


In nursery we have been following the children’s interests which has taken us down lots of different paths. We have enjoyed learning about Chinese New Year and making Chinese dragon pictures. We have been practising counting using chop sticks which was very tricky and needed lots of concentration.

We did lots of learning around space. We pretended to be astronauts and made space stations and rocket ships. We found lots of aliens on the moon and learnt about the properties of 2d shapes.

We really enjoyed talking about our experiences of pancake day at home, we had a go at flipping pancakes in class and really enjoyed eating them afterwards!


F2 enjoyed a range of traditional tales and twisted tales during February. The children were hooked on ‘Jack and the beanstalk’ receiving letters from the Giant asking them to be his friend. Then Goldilocks caused a scene in the classrooms causing the police to visit the crime and help the children to investigate what had happened. The children completed last half term with a trip to The Rainbow Factory where children watched and took part in performances of traditional tales as well as being able to walk through large scenes of their favourite stories.


Year one learnt sketching and watercolour techniques and combined these to recreate Picasso’s work.

Year 2

Year 3

We have been inspired by LS Lowry and created our own paintings based upon his artwork.

In literacy we have been reading a cautionary tale and we created newspaper reports based on Jim being eaten by a lion!

We are currently working on the text Black Dog and have developed our understanding of contractions and speech which we will use in our stories.

In PE we have been gymnasts. In maths we have been dividing using the standard written method and learning about the perimeter.


Children in CIRP furthered their learning about the Gruffalo. We looked for characters from the story in the woods and then we were lucky to share the Gruffalo story in the 4D Space. We made Gruffalo food in the forest and then we were really brave to taste the pretend Gruffalo food in our class. Finally we finished our Gruffalo information books. We have absolutely loved our learning in class this half term. Watch our video to see part of our learning journey 😊

Year 4

Year 4 studied the work of the famous sculptor Henry Moore. We began by developing our drawing skills using charcoal and produced drawings of some famous sculptures. We then developed our skills when using clay, we practised different techniques to mould and manipulate clay before working in small groups to design, make and evaluate our own sculptures. Check out the photographs of our before and after pictures!

Year 5

This half term year 5 were learning about printmaking in topic. We started by researching a range of famous patterns. Then we experimented with creating our own print patterns using a number of different techniques (carbon printing, potato printing, sponge printing). We put all the research we had done and the techniques we had learnt together to create our final pieces, a logo printed on a t-shirt, unique to each child.


Parents and children please join our walking bus from Monday 9th March


  • Week 1; 96.9%
  • Week 2; 95.5%
  • Week 3; 94.3%
  • Week 4; 96%

Overall Since September



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