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Oh, hi!

It was arround May of 2010, I was 14 and I picked up my dusty toy keyboard from the basement. I wanted to play melodies like Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence and Energy Flow by Ryuichi Sakamoto apart from Rick Wakeman solos.

I had always loved Ryuichi Sakamoto's music (and I still do). I remember I was thrilled by Yellow Magic Orchestra's synth pop, Rick Wakeman's synths and Enigma's sample-based emotive music.

I enjoyed every afternoon figuring out melodies and trying to play the music of my head on that toy keyboard. Those memories bring me a smile.

Then, summer came and my father bought me a Yamaha PSR-E423, the keyboard I use since then. I could finally play more than 4 notes at the same time and it sounded amazing compared to that toy!

My setup in 2011

I fell in love with synths and keyboards. I learnt to play lots of melodies from Sakamoto, Wakeman, some Bach (I half learnt Invention 4) and even some videogames music (like Song of Storms from Legend of Zelda). I remember I used to improvise over music trying to figure everything out by ear. I had no technique or theory knowledge.

Summer went by and I started to play with both hands while I found interest in experimenting with DAWs and the MIDI capabilities of my keyboard.

So... by the end of 2010, I recorded my first song called "Dark Morning" with Ableton Live 8 and Native Instrument FM7

I was really passionate about synths, classic ones like Yamaha DX7, Korg M1, Korg Wavestation, Prophet-5, Moog Minimoog, Moog Modular... So, I tried out all sorts of VSTs for sound exploration.

In "Metropolis Dark Rhythm", a composition of mine, I combined a Korg Wavestation arpeggiator with famous Korg M1's Universe patch on the bottom while having a NI Pro-53 (Prophet-5 emulator) lead synth for the rest of the keybed.

By early 2011, I stumbled upon Reason 5, a really inspiring DAW that gave me tons of interesting sounds. Through ReWire, I connected it to Ableton Live and with the help of my Nintendo DSi with Korg M01 and Korg DS-10+, I created beats and improvised over them.

I used to love setting some base tracks and improvising over them. It was really fun and captured the magic of the first take.

I compiled some experimental recordings using what I had learnt in those months and on January 21 of 2011, I released my first album on MySpace called "Atmosphere Pads".

"Atmosphere Pads", my first album

Arround March of 2011, I recorded "The Life of Bugs", an Enigma-inspired improvisation with piano, Shakuhachi sound and a drum beat designed on my Nintendo DSi with Korg M01. I feel it was quite a step ahead in my music path.

Time went by with not so many more recordings because my laptop's hard drive went burnt, and from 2012 to 2013 I took guitar and harmony lessons. Then, I started to be able to apply those harmony concepts into keyboard which gave me another perspective at music.

I began to love Prog Rock music, discovering bands like Gentle Giant, ELP, Van Der Graaf Generator, Genesis, Yes, Jethro Tull, PFM, Banco del Mutuo Soccorso or King Crimson.

So, I decided to create an EP with those influences called Frames. I came back to my initial experimental phase, layering many sounds... But this time, rhythm was the lead. Here you can see me creating "Frame 2: Path of Life" live.

Moving forward, in 2014, I turned 18, and my life at university started (I am studying Software Engineering). I had never been understood by my friends until then, I wasn't very social. That first year shook off my life in many great and not so great ways, but that was good, now that I see it with a little of perspective.

I had to mature and overcome difficulties like never before. I started gathering mind depth which made me fall in love with jazz music. Especially with Bill Evans, Pat Metheny and Tigran Hamasyan.

Music took meaning for me: It turned into my way of portraying thoughts, emotions, lights, colours, places, memories, stories...

I created music for declaring my love, for unleashing my hard feelings, for understanding myself, for making life meaningful, for expressing myself where words couldn't.

On late 2016, I released my first real album on Bandcamp, "Meaningless". A deep and conceptualized piano improvisation album that reflected real emotions and showed me a path for self expression. A huge leap forward in my music career, in my opinion.

"Meaningless" cover art

On 2017, I started to record many more albums and created homemade CDs of my music. It was really liberating

"Sea Memories" Vinyl CD - Outside
"Sea Memories" Vinyl CD - Inside

I started to listen to impressionist classical music like Erik Satie and Claude Debussy. I was shocked to find something so similar to my music. It showed me a path I didn't know existed and helped me find meaning and focus.

On september of 2017, I recorded "Inner Trip Of A Lost Soul", a 4 hour and a half album about how it feels to lose and recover oneself when you get out of a toxic relationship.

"Inner Trip Of A Lost Soul" trackset

During September and October, I had a relentless inner necessity of giving meaning to this album. It was the first time I held on to music as a reason to be alive and I needed to make it worthwile. I will create a film for it, to give the ultermost expression.

Since then, I have an even closer connection with music. In 2018 I have improvised more than 50 hours of music, an average of an improvisation per day.

This year I am working extensively on my technique, on musical depth, expression, abstraction, and the philosophy arround it. I am working on my life balance, making every choice meaningful, giving the right place and the right time to everything I create and whatever is related to it.

I find really hard loving what I do, but sometimes it shines like a beautiful dawn. I spend most of my time in isolation, finding what resonates inside of me.

Things that matter are so essential that they get covered with everyday dust. That's why I work with all my energy and soul in keeping a consistent balance, letting the essence shine. That is what makes me happy.

I want my music to talk for myself but this world is more complex than that and design, drawing and writing give a focus I couldn't share without them. That's why every art form has a justified existence.

This is my bandcamp header
A poem called "Posibilidad e Imposibilidad"
An abstract drawing based on my improv "Stars"
An abstract drawing based on my improv "Unknown"

So this is me, powerful like the sea and sensitive like a flower moves with the summer breeze.

Now, you can dive into my music or keep reading about it


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Deep Internal Resonant Abstract Improvisation No.1 "Self Love"

Composed an recorded on December of 2018, this is my first Deep Internal Resonant Abstract Improvisation, an original type of composition created through my own theory of emotional analysis.


  1. DIRAI No.1 "Self Love"

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Inner Trip of a Lost Soul


  1. Haunted Dream on the Beach
  2. Commuting Reflections
  3. Between Dreams and Reality
  4. Impossible Lament of a Lost Soul
  5. Isolation and Dark Wind
  6. Synesthetic Allocations of Thoughts
  7. Search for Love in Darkness
  8. Unexpected and Undeserved Loneliness
  9. Imaginary Source of Wisdom
  10. Wandering Stained With Soul Blood
  11. Inner Deconstruct
  12. Hidden War of Unacceptance
  13. Force Driven Happiness
  14. Trapped in a Disconnected Reality
  15. Fearful and Desperate Sincerity
  16. My Only Words
  17. Inner God Forgiveness and Guidance
  18. Baptism in Live and Mind Clearance
  19. Farewell March
  20. Relief and Rest in Peace
  21. Commuting Reflections [Bonus Track] (Piano Version)
  22. Love Deconstruction (Bonus Track)

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Recorded in September of 2018, this album tells a story about myself growing up and unfolding my own universe, my experiences, expectancies and my praised vision.


  1. Everything Pt.1: Diamond Mornings
  2. Everything Pt.2: Layers of Depth

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Recorded on September of 2018, this piece represents both sea waves and physics waves, as a reflection of the things brought and taken out of our lives and their energies.

I made a video that emphasizes the feeling of the piece while representing the thoughts and images that passed through my head when recording the improvisation:


  1. Waves

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In this improvisation, recorded on September of 2018, I represent those moments when you feel tied to your choices, to your circumstances, to time and space. Tethered by the soul.


  1. Tethered

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Glacier of Sound

In this improvisation recorded on August 26 of 2018, I unite three of my main expressive resources: Lyricism, Chromatic association and Abstraction.

Why glacier of sound? Because I was imagining I was in a glacier playing piano while describing the light, the cold, the colours, the shapes and portraying my feelings.


  1. Glacier of Sound

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Last summer, on 2017, I had a intense love relationship. This album was a dedicated gift for her birthday, but that love couldn't make it to that very moment.

On September 8th it's her birthday, so, after a year, I feel it's a good time to finally share it.

I need music to give a place to my feelings, sometimes there's no other way. Love needs to shine. I often forget about it...

As usual, this album is completely improvised. I took the most special nights after our dates to create this. It still feels sweet...

If you have someone you deeply love, show your love to him/her as much as you can. There's never too much love. Don't let your light die, life is short. Make it meaningful!

I hope that light comes back for me one day. Memories don't die, thankfully my music will be eternal :)


  1. Tangerine
  2. Love in Colours
  3. Our Path
  4. Together
  5. A Dream With You
  6. It Is Love

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Dark Sea

Recorded on August 20 of 2018, this piece represents how it feels to be floating in a dark sea, surrounded by black water, with light above. A sense of solitude, distant shadows, a world that makes sense. Improvisation at a time of shine: Recorded and published straight away.


  1. Dark Sea

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Recorded entirely on May 17 of 2018, this album is a set of minimalist piano improvisations that reflects the pace of a truth-seeking balanced life, out of noise.


  1. Same Clouds, Different Universes
  2. Light Trails
  3. Attuned with Nature
  4. Accepting Truth

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Inner Colours

Recorded in April of 2017, this album is a half-hour improvisation that became real after a deep realization of myself. It felt like a revelation, finally meeting my soul.

Here I show darkness and light at its purest, without fear, just as I see them in myself. It's full of rythmic energy and harmonic colours.

This album is incredibly special for me, I don't even know if I will ever get to improvise something like this. It makes me think...


  1. Inner Colours

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Released on March of 2018, this project attempts to represent colors through music based on my feelings about them.


  1. Alba
  2. Kitrino
  3. Portokalí
  4. Rubrum
  5. Rosa
  6. Lilac
  7. Hyacinthum
  8. Sinople
  9. Kafé
  10. Cinereo
  11. Nero

Color Test

I would love to know how close or how far is your perception of colours compared to mine. That is why I sat up a Google Form for us to know.

Feel free to share it with your friends and give it as many attempts as you want, it is randomized.

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Abstraction of Innocence

Released on February of 2018, this is one of my most defined and consistent albums I ever released. It's a personal album about the implications of innocence throughout my personality, my abstraction of innocence.

In essence; where it lays, how it appears and the key to happiness. Across these 11 pieces you will find sounds that bring a natural train of thought based on the purest kid inside myself.

Keep your mind open and everything shall find its place.


  1. Happiness in Unawareness
  2. Brain Layers
  3. A Day As A Kid
  4. My First Full Moon Night
  5. Happiness Per Se
  6. A Kid's Willingness To Grow Up
  7. Hope and Intelligence
  8. The Things I Love
  9. Full Love
  10. With My Family On The Beach
  11. Home

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Recorded on January of 2017, is an album with which you can launch your imagination to new universes. It was my first long and consistent album. It made me consider my music as something worthwhile.


  1. Origin
  2. Flowers
  3. First Steps
  4. Independency and Thoughts
  5. People
  6. Time and Seasons

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Released on November of 2017, is a jazz-funk adventure with drums, synths and piano to let the mind fly.


  1. Rhodesbow
  2. Minjor 7
  3. Chromaflyticism
  4. Cloud 11
  5. Beat Tape
  6. Chromagressive Shred
  7. Jazzthmic

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Blue Sky

Recorded on January of 2017, experiments with expressing syllables and words using musical notes.

Ordered by track appearing, this album is dedicated to my friends and their support, to my great friend Bel and to my first love, whom the letters from the last three tracks belong.


  1. Conversation with a Friend
  2. I Wish
  3. First Letter
  4. One More Letter
  5. Last Letter

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Sea Memories

Recorded by April of 2017, this album is a brief and refreshing journey where I experiment with the sea as a soundscape in a set of impressionist pieces.


  1. Lighthouse
  2. Sun Rays
  3. Smile
  4. Glimpse of Sunset
  5. Goodbye
  6. Lighthouse (Piano only)

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Recorded between 2015 and 2016, reflects a bittersweet phase of my life. A breakthrough in my perspective.


  1. The Path To Knowledge
  2. Drifting Changes
  3. Expression
  4. Hallucination
  5. Troubles
  6. Pain

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Free Soul

Released on February of 2017, this album shows happiness and joy through some jazz flavoured piano improvisations.


  1. Autumn Leaves
  2. Cleared Up (Happiness)
  3. Rain

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In this album, released on February of 2017, I come clean with myself, showing some feelings of anger, obsession and nostalgia that needed to get out. It is a completely improvised recording, realized in one single night.


  1. Angry
  2. Gone
  3. Obsessed

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A brief but concentrated journey through my feelings. Released on November of 2016, reflects the search of the meaning of my acts.


  1. Thinking
  2. What Is It For?
  3. Broken
  4. Pelos (bonus)

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Recorded in 2013 and 2014, this album collects a musically experimental period of my life, fed by my progressive rock passion. It tries to evoque the music of PFM, Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, ELP and the ProjeKcts of King Crimson.


  1. Frame 1: Inspirations
  2. Frame 2: Path of Life
  3. Frame 3: Deep ProjeKction

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I was waiting for you. Thank you for your time :)

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