In Their Element Learn how to photograph Dragonflies in-flight

There can be few of nature's many spectacles as impressive as a dragonfly in flight. Able to hunt, catch, feed and even mate on the wing they are in complete control of their chosen environment.

Norfolk Hawker

I have been photographing dragonflies since 2009. I initially attempted to photograph them in-flight when a perching opportunity didn't arise. After several disappointing attempts I finally managed one in focus and was immediately hooked.

Common Hawker

Photography is an ideal medium to observe dragonflies and having a camera in hand has helped me gain a far greater understanding of their behaviour. With in-flight photography the majority of time is spent just watching, gaining a privileged insight into their world, which is precisely where you need to be.

Southern Hawker

From May 2017 I will be offering one-on-one tutorials in the field for photographers who wish to learn the techniques used to capture dragonflies in-flight. You will learn how to choose the best vantage point, follow, track and predict a flight path and use the optimum settings.

Brown Hawker

A basic knowledge of Dragonflies is preferable but not essential. A suitable DSLR and Lens (200-300mm prime or zoom), waterproof or quick-drying clothing - including wellies or other waterproof footwear - and flexibility for dates depending on weather are essential.

Southern Hawker

Prices start at £45.00 per person depending upon day and location. For further details please contact Paul Ritchie via Hampshire Dragonflies, Facebook or Twitter

Migrant Hawker

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