Adoption of Articles of Confederation Azariyah Carr

in the beginning

Before gaining independence, colonists were under British rule. Although it worked for the time being (when colonists were used to getting more freedom), the heat began because of taxes. The British authorities were raising taxes while not giving equal representation in parliament to the colonists as the British subjects. The colonists were fed up with being treated unfairly so they rebelled and thus breaking out the American Revolution. During this time, Congress felt the need for a stronger union and a government that would be powerful enough to bring Great Britain down. Richard Henry Lee, President of Second Continental Congress, made the motion for independence from Great Britain. He also led early resistance in Virginia to British Rule.

American Revolution (1765-1783).

John Trumbull [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

In order to gain the much needed independence, delegates of the Continental, including Thomas Jefferson, Congress had to vote. Congress formally adopted the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia July 4th. We began to refer to this day as "Independence Day". Jefferson made his mark on the declaration of independence document by giving the colonists' rights to rebel against British Rule

Declaration of Independence (July 4th, 1776).

After already receiving independence after war, is it still necessary to establish a "league of friendship and perpetual union" amongst other states? The founding fathers say yes! November 15th, 1777, the first constitution of the United States was adopted, the Articles of Confederation. Little did they know, trusting their guts and not establishing this league would have been very beneficial. It created a loose confederation and weak central government. What would you expect when you give most of your power to the states? It wouldn't be right to give all blame to their generosity, the federal government is just too weak to enforce anything. Though, this is the case, is it possible that lack of funds from wartime affect how well this constitution is? History repeats itself very quickly sometimes (British Rule). The only difference between them is that The US wasted no time adopting our new constitution.

Adoption of Articles of Confederation (November 15th, 1777. Full ratification: March 1st, 1781).

Howard Chandler Christy [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Richard Henry Lee

By Unknown (painter not given) [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Thomas Jefferson.

Rembrandt Peale [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
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