Era of good feelings By Abel Garcia

What was it like as an American in the early 1800's

Americans took pride in their country because they had to fight for it and earn it.They mostly felt this because of the wars between the British and Americans,but then they also have fought the Natives for their land.Being an American and having a sense of individualism isn't uncommon in fact the most peaceful protest take place in the US but having to get up to this point involved a lot of violence.It all started when the American broke away from Great Britain and established them selves as a non-european colony.

Literature during the Era of Good feelings revolved either around the the frontier or fantasy .Examples such as Davy Crockett and Washington Irving,Davy Crockett created a book called The Crockett Almanac that gave information about the western frontier but through the eyes of a simpleton,while Rip Van Winkle surrounds the idea that a man has slept through twenty years were he is left with his son and daughter. Davy Crockett kept his work American by conquering the frontier like he conquered the Native.

Politics during the early 1800's were in shambles until President James Monroe was elected in 1816 .Establishing somethings Americans needed since the beginning a document that states there shall no longer be any more european settlement on the entire continent of the Norther America.No only were presidential decision being made but as well as currency decision.A man named Henry Clay believed that in order for the U.S to survive they must become capitalist.He also created a system know as the American System it states that a tax will be placed to protect industries as well as create funding for roads,transportation,and canal.Not only balancing the economic system but also making its foundation stating that national banks must provide currency for the population.

Art in the early 1800's was making its self American by having new art styles such as folk art,scenic art ,naturalist art,and portrait.Folk art revolved around the common people such as house wives,children,and their fathers.Folk art was bland but colorful.Portraits through out Europe were emotionless and seemed very dead inside,but the Americans changed that but adding in their "subject's" emotions and personality traits.But not just people were getting artist attention such as John James Audubon who studied birds and sketch beautiful birds that were being discovered through the west.And nature was also getting a lot of attention from artist even starting a school for painting scenic views this school was named the Hudson River School.

Music during the early 1800's mostly in church and a leisure activity,but others such as native and african americans that detailed such things as slavery,reservation of the natives,and general mistreatment.But the African Americans invented instruments such as the banjo and continued using instruments such as the drums and violin.Native Americans had a style of music called spirituals,that tell stories of native american history.

Although Many considered it to be an Era of Good feelings there was three groups of people that didn't quite agree with them these groups were women,native americans,and slaves.Women did not agree with the Era of Good feelings mostly because they were still under the finger of men and didn't have as many rights.As well as not being able to vote,but feminism carried out through the revolution.Native Americans didnt agree with the Era of Good feelings because their land was being taken,they had to live in certain part of their land,and they being treated like animals instead of people.Slaves also didn't agree with the Era of Good feelings because they were owned like property,they were overworked,and malnourished.

In conclusion the Era of Good feelings was an advancement in politics,music,and art for the Americans.But there were also people that didn't agree that it was the Era of Good feelings.Women still believed they didn't have enough power right wise,Native Americans didn't agree with this because of their land being taken,and slaves because they had no right has a human being but instead a work horse.

Bower, Bert, and Jim Lobdell. History Alive! Palo Alto, CA: Teachers' Curriculum Institute, 2005. Print.

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