GroundworkS walking from Edge to Epney

A day-walk in early Spring of 37763 paces from Edge to the River Severn. Heading west in as much of a straight line as is possible on footpaths and a more meandering return, with stops to observe and take note of whatever happens to 'be' at every 5000 paces (or thereabouts)

Broken Oak appears and disappear in mist . Wales, Mayhill and the Forest are missing
3 Structures. Fairground’s Wnter quarters
Ghost barn, overgrown, absorbed.
Split Oak. Non-identical twins
The River flowing backwards past Longney Crib
Lost field. Searching for the true path
Skylarks survey on straw bales, then off to sing invisible against the grey sky
Creeping lorry-park industrialisation skulks into a forlorn field, shettles tied with bailer-twine
Climbing slowly upward as Arlebrook flows slowly down, under Vinegar Hill. Looking over the Severn Vale to oncoming rain

Steeply up under Haresfield Beacon, past ancient beech trees deep-dusk leaf litter.

Walking through woodland, benighted as darkness falls. Twigs snap. Deer scatter

and here's the route

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Kel Portman


Kel Portman

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