GM’s Plan for the Future by:joe formicola

With more extreme weather changes, global warming is becoming more evident and concerning. There is not one way to decimate greenhouse gas emissions, however there are solutions. In this article I will be walking you through General Motors attempts in creating a more sustainable future. General Motors recently struck a deal with First Solar, a semiconductor manufacturing company, and Nikola, a company that manufactures vehicles with zero net emissions. Not only does GM have partnerships with renewable energy companies but the company has also announced a wide variety of new electric vehicles (20). GM, by making these deals and changes in manufacturing, is becoming more sustainable and planet friendly.

General Motors owns GMC, Chevrolet, Buick and Cadillac, all very popular car companies. Each one of these companies have the same purpose, to make a car that will go from point A to point B. Now of course there are more elements that go into designing a car, but the important part is that all cars have the same purpose and use. So why would you need a $115,000 car that has the same purpose as a $15,000? Well the answer is simple, this $115,000 car is the new Hummer Ev. Here are just a couple cool facts about the car. The Hummer has a three second 0-60, making it faster in a straight line than a 2020 Porsche 911 Carrera S(your typical 100 grand sports car) by a second! The Hummer also has a mode called “Crabwalk”, which sends the vehicle into a 4-wheel turning system, which can make the car move diagonally. GMC has completely changed what the Hummer used to be, for the better. Climate change has called for a new era of electric vehicles in GM, with new technologies and fast 0-60 times, this is the start to making cars sustainable for the future.

GM is taking even further steps against climate change. The company recently announced it bought a 180-megawatt power-purchase from First Solar. The power plant is said to power three factories in the Midwest. Once the installment in Arkansas is complete in 2024, 60% of the energy produced by GM will be renewable energy, which is significantly closer to GM's future goal for 2040, which is to run on 100% renewable energy. The significance of this deal is that GM is taking further steps to eliminate climate change by creating a grid of electricity formed by solar produced energy(renewable energy).

With climate change becoming more evident in 2020, it has become clear that we need a cleaner future. GM’s partnership with First Solar, and new gallery of electric cars, brings the solutions to the table. Even if it takes until 2040 for GM to become 100% run on renewable energy, it shows that the company is headed into an eco-friendly, and successful future. And with cars like the new Hummer EV, what's not to love?

Created By
Joe Formicola