Captains Away Days 14th May 2021

We start with the Ladies for it is courteous so to do. Here follows the original ‘invitation’ and day’s details:

"Dorothée is going to be our official photographer for the day plus I will take a few as well.”

Whilst Loraine catches her breath we can list the teams taking part, which were:

Now Vice Captain Kate Bradley steps forward to offer her take on the day.

“All the ladies gathered at Santana Golf Club just after 11 am on what was an absolutely glorious day. The ladies got their buggies and the first group headed for Hole 1. Loraine, Kate and Dorothee were there to greet the ladies and the teams were photographed with the Captain. Kate gave everyone a snack to take on the golf course and Dorothee took the official photographs. The golf course was splendid and a little easier than La Cala. Extremely fast greens made the putting difficult but from the unbelievable scores you would not have thought that. We were supposed to have 4 nearest the pins on the Par 3s but unfortunately the golf club forgot to place them. Luckily a very friendly member of staff who followed the Captain’s group round quite a bit took on the task of rushing back to the club to pick up the pins so we only lost out on the first par 3. As the day went on the wind got up and as usual every time we played it seemed we were always into the wind, making driving extremely difficult.

After golf, we started the merriment with drinks and lunch. With 2 dozen ladies on the terrace one can imagine the amount of laughing and joking that took place. Kate was marking the score cards and noticed that some of the teams forgot to double up the scores on the par 3s so whether or not it was the heat of the day or the bending of the arms in the clubhouse a few of the scores were not quite correct however we decided no-one would be disqualified on such a fun day. Following the prizegiving, Marie Wilson presented Loraine with a beautiful box of beauty treatments as a thank you to Loraine from all the ladies.

People left in dribs and drabs then finally Loraine, Suzanne, Kate and Dorothee headed for the car park around 8 pm. As Dorothee attempted to start the engine, the battery was completely dead. Peter and Achim were called asking for jump leads but in the meantime Kate decided the girls should try and push Dorothee’s car down the slight hill. On the 3rd attempt Kate got the car started and revved the engine up sounding like Louis Hamilton at the start of the Monaco Grand Prix!! Peter was called and told to stay at home. The day was saved!! “

Pity no pictures of the car pushers? Instead we direct our attention to the day’s winners, and time to turn back to Captain Loraine:

“I only took these two photos yesterday

La Cala from the other side of the hedge. Approach to 4th hole (par 5).

For my part of the report... here are the results:

The following players certainly deserve an honorable mention to round off the Top Ten:

A lovely statistic is that for all 23 players the average score was 36 points !

The winning teams from 6 to 1.

We were blessed with warm sunny weather and a light warm breeze, which did pick up a bit later on in the day but did not interfere with the daygolfer.

I want to thank all the ladies who were able to join in the day and I was delighted to receive a card and beautiful pamper kit as a thank you gift. It was very much appreciated.

Captain Content.

Looking forward to our next day out ! But meanwhile here are the Nearest-the-Pin winners I almost forgot. Sorry!

Santana Golf Restaurant provided us with a magnum of red wine as a prize and the winner was ... Carla Stoops !

So, everyone went home with at least a little something... and some good memories were made.”

Interesting to see the day’s remarkable scores. Just shows what a good drive off the tee can do?

Now attention turns to the male section of membership, with Captain Damien Murphy in the driving seat. As with the Ladies some of this content is repetitive but the newsletter records history so, especially on such a special occasion, delayed by the pandemic, here we go.

Those participating were:

Report by Damien Murphy:

“The first official Men`s Away Day of the year (since before Covid !). An early start for those who left La Cala by shuttle bus at 08:30hrs. On arrival Damien provided a sumptous breakfast buffet ..(A selection of rolls - hot sausage/bacon, tuna etc. along with fruit, chocolate and drinks) all exquistely laid out in Lidl & Mercadona bags on the footpath.! Ana Nyblom - former golf director at La Cala greeted everyone like long lost friends and informed us of the course lay out for the day. So off we trotted to our shotgun start with some starting on the infamous 16th hole (see notes above). It has to be said, on a magnificent day with a cooling sea breeze, that the playing conditions favoured one and all...however..the course didn't just jump up and bite the players...it devoured them! There were many stories of 3, 4 and even 5 putts on the marble staircase greens..the average score on the day being 25 points !! Many players were reduced to tears and some just decided to enjoy the view and the drinks provided whilst taking a scenic route around the course. A light lunch was served in the Torrequebrada club house before the prizegiving commenced. It was very nice to have the company of Bob Gordon, Murdo & Flavio for the event.


The stableford winners 1 - 3. L/r Hugo Verheyen, Keith Luxon, David Evans.
The team event AM/AM winners. Left: Peter Robinson, Hans Linderborg, Hugo Verheyen, Paul Robinson. Right: Cees Lagerwerf, James Reid, David Evans, Louis Lentelink.
The NTP Winners Cees (2), Roy and Hans.
Martin Dawkins - Winner of the longest drive.

The infamous 3rd hole, probably the shortest par 3 on the Costa del Sol, lived up to its name... with only 2 pars recorded from 28 players.!

A great day was had by all but obviously massive thanks have to go to

without whom the day could not have gone as smoothly... and allowed me to enjoy it along with all the players ! It is understood that everyone got home in one piece..eventually :) They say a picture paints a thousand words....lol.. some unprintable and others that may give rise to legal proceedings have been excluded to protect the innocent!“

None of our reporters have mentioned the actual NTP markers with their saucy quotations so, to rectify matters, here they are:

The others were: "While playing golf today I hit two good balls. I stepped on a rake." (Henny Youngman, Comedian) - "Golf is the most fun you can have without taking your clothes off." (Chi Chi Rodriguez, Golfer) - "Golf and sex are about the only things you can enjoy without being good at." (Jimmy Demaret, Golfer).

They say a picture paints a thousand words....lol.. some unprintable and others that may give rise to legal proceedings have been excluded to protect the innocent!“

Some more impressions of a great day at Torrequebrada.