Save our Reef! By Rina Amami


My Persuasive Text!

The Barrier Reef is an endangered world heritage site that many divers and marine biologists visit to study about the many species of our sea life and to admire the landscape.

Experts have identified that 20% of the reef have already been bleached (Which means that it is slowly dying out) because we, the humans, are always throwing things(especially plastic) into the ocean and choking sea turtles and other marine life.


This has already been considered a huge problem yet we are still not responding to it. Do we care about the life of others? Of sea creatures? No, I don’t think so. If we actually do think about our environment, we should have done something by now.

Australian GovLink

Bleached coral have a distinct appearance which means you can actually see them when you are diving. The colour of bleached coral looks like a blinding white sun under the ocean. Some might say it looks beautiful but the more we think that, the more we don’t mind what’s really happening to our oceans.

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Without the coral reproducing, our reef will slowly start to minimise. The marine food chain will also start to break because some marine animals eat coral to add nutrition to their diet. This act towards marine life is inhumane.

Please help our marine life...

And save our reef!

~my reflection!~

1. What did I do well?

I did pretty well designing the front page and choosing the themes for my presentation. Sure it was very time consuming but it was definitely worth it!

On my first ICT orientation, we learned how to make an Adobe Spark Page. I was good at it and never thought it would bother me anymore. But sometimes modern technology can be difficult to control. All you need is to practice using electronic devices to master them all.

2. What would I do differently if I had the task to do again?

I would add more advanced persuasive techniques to my text to make them more convincing and urgent for you to do something immediately. My 5 techniques were pretty common and easy.

The reason is, it was my first time doing an assignment on Adobe Spark Page so I didn’t put much detail into it. Persuasive techniques are very important if you are trying to convince someone or somebody. If it is not persuasive enough, you are most likely to fail trying to convince someone.

3. What help did I need?

I needed some help with my punctuation and grammar. Even though I had no spelling errors, I still couldn’t get the punctuation correct. I knew that I had to improve my text more now but it’s too late. Oh well, I can do that later in my high school life!

4. The main thing about the art of persuasion that I have learned from this task is:

• Coercion: persuading someone forcefully

• Coax: persuading someone using flattery

• Urgency: to hurry and worry about something

• Pressure: to push someone on making them feel cornered.

• Enticement: to attract or to tempt someone

• Encourage: to cheer someone on


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Thank you for listening!

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