Bases loaded :The Game of Baseball by:Jacob Blaise

Without Equipment There's No Baseball!

You probably already know what you need for equipment. But, if you don't tell you. You need a bat to hit the ball. Bats come in 2 styles.One is wooden and the other is metal.You also need a glove to catch the baseball.Another thing you need is a uniform to represent you team. A bag to put all the equipment in,Also you can't forget the cleats(cleats are shoes with spikes on the bottom so you can move faster is the dirt. You can also choose choose to wear baseball bat glove(a glove you wear when you're batting when you're batting. In addition, you also need a baseball field of course! The field has to be outside. It's not like a tennis court where it can be inside and not have a problem.You will have a problem because if you hit a baseball inside it will break something, such as, a light or, glass on a door.If you don't have any of these you can't play baseball besides the baseball bat gloves . This is all the equipment you need for baseball!

this is some equipment


Your teammates are very important to your team.You need 9 players at least and you need the leader of the team,the coach.You need a coach If you work together.Do you work good with other people? If you don't baseball isn’t the sport for the beginning you have a chance to win you have a chance of winning.But, if you don't you won't have a chance. When you play baseball, you have to work as a team.

These people are teammates

Points! Points! Points!

Points,Points,Points you always need points especially in sports.If you want to win you have to get points. If you get three strikes(which means you don't hit the ball three times then you're out.)If the player throws the To get points you have to run the bases and get back to home base.When you think about it, it's not that hard.All you have to do is hit the ball and not get out.I hope you win!

This is were the points are tracked!

here is a video of the great game in action!

This is what it sounds like when your on the field or is the stands.

These are field positions

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