Greatness comes from the opportunities you are given, tonight you have an oppurtunity for greatness. You have earned that right here.It only takes one game, it doesn't matter if we play them 9 times that doesn't matter what does is tonight. Tonight you walk besides them. Tonight you contend with them. Tonight we beat them! Tonight right here right now you are the greatest team in the world. You were born to be here no matter who you are you are all essential because you where meant to be here right now. Now is the time. Now is your time. Their time as champions is over. The titans have fallen now is the time for gods to rise. Its done. Im sick and tired of hearing how "amazing" they are those damn soviets. SCREW'EM! Now is OUR time. Now is YOUR time.Now go out there and take your oppurtunity for greatness!

During the 1980's the soviet empire was invading afghanistan in order to try and maintain a communist regime within the country. This was also at the height of the Cold War and the middle eastern country was seen as a key stage in the "communist domino effect and theory" wars very similar to the Korean, Vietnam wars, and the South American series of government "interferences" such as the overthrowing of the Marxist states in Central America.

Herb Brooks 1980 USA head coach Hockey-His most notable achievement came in 1980 as head coach of the gold medal-winning U.S. Olympic hockey team at Lake Placid. At the games, Brooks' US team upset the heavily favored Soviet team in a match that came to be known as the 'Miracle on Ice'. Brooks would go on to coach multiple NHL teams, as well as the French hockey team at the 1998 Winter Olympics, and ultimately returned to coach the US men's team to a silver medal at the 2002 games in Salt Lake City. Brooks was killed in a 2003 car accident.

This speech was given to encourage the Olympic team from the USA before their game against the USSR. At the beginning of the competition the Soviets where heavily favored to win. As the season progressed the USA began to gain momentum. Before the final game for the Gold medal is when this speech was given.

The team did end up becoming the champions. When the USA team scored near the end a radio announcer yelled "DO YOU BELEIVE IN MIRACLES" which thus gave the game the name of "the miracle on ice"

Within this dialogue the most present form of rhetoric instruments is the idea of pathos. The reason that this is, is because Mr. Brooks focuses on Pathos. The reason this is is because he focuses on taping his players raw emotion by showing how this one moment is why they are alive. This was incredibly effective. The only appeal evidently missing is the thought of ethos. The reason that this is, is because it didn't have a particular place or an effective use given the circumstances. Some words that stood out where the particularly vulgar ones. What this did was emphasize pure emotion from the coach, which in turn helped give the players motivation. It in a way could be strengthened by expressing how an entire country and a whole world was rallying around the team as the underdogs.

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