The Limitation of Procrastination Or how to use your time more wisely and meet your deadlines

I have asked you to complete this assignment because you missed an important deadline in English class. Please follow all of the instructions below and turn in your written responses at the same time that you turn in your missing project.

Step 1: Take out a new piece of paper. Please hand write this assignment neatly in pen.

Step 2: Write three sentences telling why you did not turn in your project on time.

Step 3: Watch the following TED talk about Procrastination. Please watch the whole video all the way through.

Step 4: Answer these questions in complete sentences on your paper:

(1) What are two things that you heard in the video that sounded like they describe you?

(2) According to the video, what are the three stick figure drawings that live in the mind of the procrastinator?

(3) What is one of the projects that the speaker, Tim Urban, procrastinated on?

(4) At the end of the talk, the speaker says that procrastinators require "_________ lines."

Step 5: Lastly, write three paragraphs (each with a topic sentence and 5-6 supporting sentences) telling how you will work to limit your procrastination and not miss any deadlines in the future.

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