Slavery Timeline

In Ancient Greece it was believed that at least each household had a slave. During a war Spartans took people to be slaves because there was a lot of people and they were causing disruption. About 30% of Ancient Greeks were slaves. Greek slaves could be found anywhere.
There was a variety of things a slave could be. But usually it was Chattel, meaning they were deprived of some rights. They were used mainly for labor. Slaves were captured in battle.
In Ancient China, during the Qin Dynasty men who were caught committing crimes would become slaves to the Qin family. They usually worked forced labor. Like modern slavery slaves were deprived of their rights. They were also kept as property. Property was confiscated and families enslaved.
During the Han Dynasty it was very similar to the Qin dynasty. Families were enslaved. Men were forced to work in labor. The Hans would take their land. People were counted for as property of the government.
In the time of Aztecs like many other civilizations slaves were captured by war. Slaves usually served as a human sacrifice for the Aztec Gods. Although, slaves could have possessions and children could run free. Slaves could also buy there freedom.
In Africa there were slaves. Many civilizations didn't believe that everybody who lived on Africa were friends. Usually they would fight each other and take prisoners from other kingdoms. Many people were enslaved in Africa. Britain goes to Africa and trades slaves for weapons. Slaves were viewed as property.
In the Americas there was slavery. Slaves were brought from Africa. There were used as maids and laborers. They were viewed as property, and were sold and bought. Most of them could not buy their freedom and did not have a lot of rights. They were counted as 3/5 of a human in the Constitution. They were viewed as dumb and lazy.
In earlier times slaves had a higher education. Were captured to show power. Slavery was not based on race. Some slavery wasn't permanent. Often slaves would teach their "master's" children.
In America slavery was unique. Slaves were brought from Africa. They did not bring them as a symbol of power. They brought them here by trade. They saw them as not human. Some slaves could be freed but they had to work long and hard in order to pay off their masters. Children had to work as well. Slavery was mostly permanent.


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