Immigration and the Oscars A conversation Lesson by eduardo de freitas

PRE-TASK: What is controversial about this video? What problems might this have caused in the US?

TASK 1: Answer the questions below in small groups.

  • What are the benefits and downsides of immigration?
  • What was the last immigration movement that affected/included your country?
  • What are the cultural effects we can find in your hometown?
  • Do you know any immigrant? Is your family immigrant?

TASK 2: In a different pair, discuss the following questions.

  • Were any of the words from the word cloud below mentioned in your conversation?
  • Why do you think they are there?
  • How can you relate them to the topic?

TASK 3: Are you familiar with Trump's Muslim Ban? Watch the video and answer the following questions.

  • Do you think this attitude aims to protect American citizens?
  • Is it the most effective way?
  • Is this action humanitarian?

TASK 4: On the 89th Academy Awards, Asghar Farhadi, an Iranian director, won the award for Best Foreign Film. However, due to Trump's Muslim ban, he couldn't enter the country to receive the award. Watch the acceptance speech and answer the questions below:

  • Does he explain why he was not able to be there that night?
  • How does he feel?
  • What does he think the results of separating the world will be?
  • What does he say we need today more than ever? How can film makers help with that?

TASK 5: In pairs, take turns with your classmate.

Student A: Both pictures show immigrants arriving in Europe in different centuries. Compare both pictures and say how different both situations might be.

(Speak for about 90 seconds)

Student B: In which picture do you think immigrants were most welcome?

(Speak for about 45 seconds)

TASK 6: In pairs, take turns with your classmate.

Student A: Picture 1 shows a protest pro-immigration and picture 2 shows a protest against immigration in the US. Compare the pictures and say the reason protesters might have to be there.

(Speak for about 90 seconds)

Student B: Have you seen any of these protests in your country? What is your opinion about that?

(Speak for about 45 seconds)

IF THERE IS TIME: In groups, organise a Help Center for immigrants which aims including them in society and also providing help for the newcomers.

Special thank you for Natália Guerreiro, Thiago Veigga, Bruno Andrade and Priscila Manteini

Created By
Eduardo de Freitas

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