Variety of Food Should vegetarian parents raise their children with vegetarian diet?

The five groups of foods guarantee that adolescents will have vegetables along with all the nutrition and minerals required for the development, daily and sport activities.

Milk is strongly recommended for children and adolescents’ developments because it naturally contains many essential nutrition for good health as it is made up of fat, protein, sugar (lactose) and minerals such as calcium.

Having a diet of different food is very healthy and help reduce the risk of diseases such as chronic disease and eating disorder. The lack of some minerals and protein can tremendously impact adolescents’ health. The dietary supplement and artificial flavor are known to cause side effects as dizziness, fatigue, brain damage. Consumption of control amount of fat actually augments children’s health and provide energy for daily activities. Vegetarian diet may mask a sign for eating disorder in adolescents caused by the boredom of eating the same food everyday.

It can be said that the accumulation of a culture is represented in its traditional dishes. The ethnic food is surprisingly balanced between the vegetables and protein one needs for a meal. Adolescents can experience the diversity of cultures through food without travelling to the country.
The control of amount and type of food input as well as exercise determine one’s health status. Nutrition experts have suggested diagrams of healthy food input and they often involve with meat product. Proteins and other minerals from animal product are not bad for your body as long as you exercise and be aware of what you eat everyday.


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