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Welcome to my inner creative circle! I am so excited to work and share art with you! Scroll to check out some of my most recent work at the Maui Self Love Retreat!

Please read this guide, review pricing and my session prep tips and reach out with any questions or special requests, I will do my absolute best to accommodate you!

I can be reached at tina@meerloophotography.com 24 hours a day and 201 874 3772 during regular business hours.

Your session retainer of $500 covers your consultation, professional hair and makeup, posing instruction during the entire photography experience, access to my client closet, high-end retouching of client-selected images, and a private same-day reveal. Your $500 session retainer is due upon time of booking to secure the session date and time and is non-refundable. Your retainer may be applied toward ONE re-scheduled session should the need occur.

All Images, Prints, Albums and Wall Art are not included in the session retainer and may be ordered at your same-day reveal session.

My clients usually spend on average $3000 - $4300 with me, with collections starting at $1800.

Collection i

$3700 ($6600 Value)

10"x10" customized album with 35 images

(3) 16" x 24" metal prints

full digital file collection

Collection II

$2500 ($3400 Value)

10x10" customized album with 20 images

full digital file collection

Collection III

$1800 ($1900 Value)

10 image folio box (8"x10" matted prints)

8"x12" metal print

A La Carte

Folio Box

10 images - 1500

15 images - 2000

20 images - 2500

Wall Art

8 x 12 - 400

16 x 24 - 600

20 x 30 - 900

24 x 36 - 1200

40 x 60 - 1500


8 x 8 - 20 images - 1500

10 x10 - 30 images - 1800

12 x 12 - 40 images - 2200

Digital Collection Add-On $1500

Session Walk Through

  • You'll arrive at 10 am on the day of your session unless discussed otherwise. The studio address is 33 Anderson St Raritan NJ.
  • You'll get comfortable and then Hair and Makeup Artists will spend some time discussing your ideal glam!
  • Once you are all glammed up (and you've snuck a couple selfies!!) we will look at whatever lingerie or accessories you brought before diving into my amazing client closet and just digging in. You are welcome to try on whatever you please and my closet ranges from XS-3X so sizing will NEVER be an issue here!
  • Once we've pulled three or four looks that you love we will get started. Most of my clients love to end their session in their birthday suit but that is absolutely not an obligation...only an option.
  • We will begin shooting around noon, for up to two hours!
  • After our session, I'll send you for coffee or lunch! I'll do a preliminary cull of your images, apply some color toning and call you back about 45 minutes later for a private viewing and ordering appointment! These usually take anywhere from 45 min to an hour so this is really a half-day experience!
  • YOU plan a fun night out later that evening with your partner or friends because you are gonna be GLAMMED and you should enjoy it!

Session Prep Tips

  • I recommend you are well-rested, hydrated, and have a good hearty meal prior to your session. Please come with a clean face and clean dry hair (for optimal sexy bed head styling!). Don't feel obligated to have a manicure but please come with clean, polish-free nails otherwise (chipped polish isn't something I can photoshop!)
  • Arrive early! Coming a few minutes early will give us extra time to get started on makeup and look outfits.
  • Come with no bra and loose fitting underwear or no underwear to avoid lines in your skin.
  • I do not recommend tanning before your session!
  • Don’t book any other appointments to be anywhere for up to 4 hours.
  • Don’t be shy to ask for certain poses or nudes! I am happy to get any shots you want!

A quick note about Photoshop. My studio has a two-week rule, meaning if it's usually a part of your body I won't edit it out unless you specifically ask. I do not resize bodies ever, I believe we deserve to see and love ourselves as we are.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will my photos be on the internet? Not unless you say it’s ok! Every client I feature on my Facebook page, website or group has given me written permission to post her images. If you aren’t comfortable with any images being shared, that is completely fine, just let me know! To read over my Privacy policy, scroll down.
  • I have cellulite/stretch marks/acne. Can you get rid of that? In most cases, yes*. Removal of acne, acne scarring, stretch-marks, and cellulite is part of the retouching process. If there is something you feel self-conscious about, we can use poses and lighting to de-emphasize and focus on your favorite features instead. *if you have severe cellulite or acne, I may not be able to retouch it all out. If you’d like a personalized consultation to discuss it, just let me know.
  • Do I bring my own lingerie, or do you provide the outfits? I ask that you bring one set or bodysuit you feel comfortable in, but I have an incredible client wardrobe! We will select outfits that suit your personality and body shape, and complement your skin tone. If you need help with outfit ideas, or you’d like to have a consultation to discuss wardrobe, send me an email!
  • What about hair and makeup, do I do it myself? Makeup is included in my session fee and my stylists have been handpicked (by me) for their talents. I want to provide an experience that makes you feel beautiful and pampered, and images that will help you appreciate the true beauty you possess! I highly suggest having your hair blown out or your curls deep conditioned before our session.
  • Can I bring a friend to my shoot? Generally, I prefer to work one on one with my clients, simply because sometimes an ‘audience’ can make you feel more self conscious. If you must bring someone for moral support, I limit it to one person.
  • I’m not sure what I want to order yet, can I decide when I see my photos? Absolutely. After the shoot I welcome you back to the studio to view your images and discuss product options.
  • I can’t make my shoot date, can I reschedule? Absolutely. Things come up and sometimes a date no longer works, so we’re happy to make the changes for you. However, if you contact us to reschedule less than 24 Hours before your shoot, you forget about your appointment or you reschedule more than once, your retainer is not transferable. When you sign your contract, we block off those hours to shoot with you, thus turning away people interested in shooting that day.
  • What is your refund policy? Due to the custom nature of photography, the session price and any products ordered are non-refundable.
  • Where do the shoots take place? At my studio in Raritan, New Jersey. Shoots are done by appointment only. We also have the option to do the session in your home, or we can rent a hotel room/ AirBnB.
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