Prosper Band News Summer Band Camp 2021

Summer Band Is Upon Us!!!!!!

We are so excited that summer band is upon us and we are ready to welcome back all Prosper High School Band Students!!! Below are some important announcements concerning summer band which begins next week. If you have not already subscribed to the Prosper Band Google Calendar, please do so to keep up-to date on any schedule changes that may occur throughout the year. As you may know, hosting 230+ students and staff can be a bit of a challenge at times with facilities, so we will be updating any changes directly through the Google Calendar.

Is your student a part of the Prosper Mighty Eagle Marching Band Google Classroom Page Yet?

All students should be signed up for the Google Classroom, if they are able to log into their school account. For all move-in students, once you are issued a Prosper District email address and log-in, you can gain access. Important announcements, music and videos will be posted in these classrooms regularly throughout the year. Due to the specifics of both percussion and color guard they also have an additional Google Classroom to signup for, but should sign in to the Full Band classroom as well.

Full Band Google Classroom Code (ww, brass, perc & color guard): 2ozmkee

Percussion Only Google Classroom Code: cg4wfv2

Color Guard Only Google Classroom Code: 5vgar2n

What will we be doing during Summer Band?

In short..... A WHOLE LOT!!!! As mentioned at the Band 101 Meeting in April, every day of band camp is the equivalent of ONE FULL WEEK of band rehearsals once school begins. It is imperative that everyone attend summer band camp in order to be successful throughout the marching season.

Some of the things we will be going over:

  • Define proper Marching Fundamantals.
  • Learn the Spirit Show used during the first and last few football games throughout the marching season. EVERYONE has a spot!
  • Audition for marching spots for the competition show.
  • Establish procedures for all aspects of the band program.
  • Learn much of the music used throughout the first semester.
  • Learn as much of the competition show as we can, beginning August 1st.
  • Introduce All-State music to those participating.
  • Size and issue band uniforms.
  • Host Band Registration.
  • Participate in our first Community Performance on July 31st!
  • Socialize and have FUN with your friends!!!!!

Who is Summer Band For?

It is for all members of the Band Program (Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion, Color Guard). We will audition for drill spots, learn a VERY SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT of the fall marching show and ALL of the Spirit Show.

What do I need to bring to all of the Summer Band rehearsals?

  • All issued music distributed during May Camp. If you do not have it or it is lost, we will provide a replacement when you arrive.
  • B.E.R.P – REQUIRED FOR ALL BRASS except tubas (available through Amazon or your local music store). If you do not have this right away, we will need to have this by the beginning of school (August 11th), at the latest.
  • Flags and any other material specific to Color Guard.
  • Marching Instrument. Those playing school-owned instruments (Bass Clarinets, Low Saxes, Horns, Baritones, and Sousaphones) have been distributed. If you did not attend May camp and play an instrument listed above, you will be issued one when you arrive.
  • Sunscreen which must be worn at ALL TIMES WHEN WE ARE OUTSIDE!!! We live in Texas and that bright orb in the sky can get pretty intense. This is true even on a cloudy day.
  • ½ Gallon Coleman Brand Style Water Jug, labeled with your name.
  • Sack Lunch. You will be eating lunch on your own in between the morning and afternoon block . We do not have a way to keep your lunches cool, so please plan accordingly (ice packs are great!). Try to pack a lunch that has some sort of protein included. It would also be good to include a sports drink (i.e. Gatorade or Powerade.... not an energy drink like Monster) to help replenish electrolytes.

What do I need to wear to Summer Band?

  • Comfortable clothing: shorts, white t-shirt for woodwinds/brass/percussion and shorts, black t-shirt for Color Guard.
  • Athletic Shoes – no flip flops or sandals. Athletic shoes are essential to proper technique.
  • A great attitude and a SMILE. Get it? If not.... YOU WILL!!! ;-)

What do I do if I have to miss a rehearsal?

As mentioned above, Summer Band is one of our most intense and important times throughout the marching season. We understand that unavoidable conflicts may occur, but we do ask that to try to work around those conflicts as much as you can. Attempt to schedule all appointments during breaks (Lunch or in between afternoon/evening block) or at least try to schedule when you have to miss the least amount of rehearsal time.

If you cannot avoid missing a rehearsal, please make sure your student informs their Section Captian and submits an absence request form, BEFORE the rehearsal (preferably days in advance) to help us with planning.

What are Band Hype Days as listed on the band calendar?

Band Hype Days are themed related days chosen by our Drum Majors where students are able to dress-up according to the chosen theme. Clothing/Attire should still be comfortable enough to wear during rehearsal, but you do not need to follow the typical rehearsal attire. Athletic shoes still MUST be worn! We will have spirit awards on those days for individuals and sectionals.

What are the designated Band Social times listed on the band calendar?

We have two Band Social times listed on the band calendar, which gives all of the band students an opportunity to just hang out with each other! We will have specific events going on during both social times. More about that later!

What is Band Registration?

Band Registration will be held in two parts this year. We will sending out an online registration form shortly to submit all forms. We will also have an in-person registration in which parents and students will finish up the preparations for the upcoming season. Please see the Prosper Band Google Calendar for the date. More information will be coming out shortly.

How can I best prepare myself for the long hours of Summer Band?

We are not going to lie... summer band is an intense experience; however, it can be a significant beginning to the year. In order to get the most out of your experience, here are a few tips for you to begin now.

  • Hydrate regularly. Your body needs proper hydration and it should begin now! Drink water regularly throughout the day, even when you are not necessarily thirsty. If you participate in heavy activity, then it will also be wise to alternate with a sports drink.
  • Eat something that was once alive. Proper nutrition is vital for sustained energy throughout the day. While everything is fine in moderation, begin to change your diet to what gives you energy and does not make you feel sluggish.
  • Go outside. Even though we are having record low temperatures this summer in Texas, it is still hot. If the only light you have seen has come from your TV while playing video games, then it is time to go outside. Do not wait until summer band to come out of your cave. If you do.... summer band could be difficult for you.
  • Exercise. You do not have to begin with running a marathon, but you should acclimate your body with some regular exercise now. Go for a walk. Go play basketball with your friends. Go ride a bike. Get chased by a rabid animal. DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO MOVE YOUR BODY! Marching Band is a very physical activity... you are receiving your physical activity credits from marching band for a reason.

We are looking forward to a GREAT year! We will see everyone soon!