Life's comeback Join Us For Easter!

We’ve all been feeling frustration

Life feels so pushed down, doesn’t it? The virus. The masks. The lockdowns. We've all experienced it differently, and we've had our own personal fallouts. What if it’s true that “it’s always darkest just before dawn?” If the resurrection of Jesus shows us anything, it’s that life can have a comeback, and it can happen faster than we ever realized. Please join us this Easter Sunday to hear how his Life Comeback can be a comeback for your own life.

Come join us this Easter

at Tanners Baptist Church!

Bring your whole family to get to know our new family. Our church and service is low key, kid friendly, Bible & Jesus Focused. With great fellowship, great music, and a great message for everyone and anyone. We will be having an Egg Hunt immediately after the service. We'll also have a special interactive message for kids during the service.

Palm Sunday Passover Communion service 3/28 11am | Good Friday service outside in church cemetery 4/2 at 7:55pm | Easter Service 11am | Egg Hunt after service

Find us at 4482 Tanners Church Road | Ellenwood, GA | 30294

Questions? Text us at (404) 663-3815