The Sound of Music Diaries By: Katie Bright and Marshal Knight

Maria: I can't believe I'm leaving the Abbey. I mean, I have confidence in my future, but it's rather daunting. I'm going from singing on my favorite hill this morning in the country side, to heading straight for Vienna to deal with children. There are apparently 7 of them, varying ages, and I think I can be a great maternal figure for them. I brought my guitar, so hopefully I can teach them some songs. Maybe even become a band! I love performing live. Anyway, here's to the future. *sings "I Have Confidence"* XOXO Maria
Captain Von Trapp: I am disgusted. I am angry. I can not believe the kids have thrown out another perfectly good nanny. I need to get them back on track. Elsa would do a great job, and the kids would love her, but I don't want to introduce her just yet. For now, I'll deal with this failed nun the Abbey is sending me. The name Maria is, already, WAY too cheery for me. I don't know how this is going to end, but I already know, it's starting off completely dreadful.
Maria: My goodness, this evening has been something wonderful. It has definitely become one of my favorite things (sorry whiskers on kittens, you're off the list. I preferred puppies anyway.) I'm so glad that the children have taken to me, because I absolutely adore them. The Captain was very sour to start (sorry that your curtains make delightful lederhosen), but he has also come around. He sang Edelweiss last evening (the first time he's shown actual emotion) and it was stunning. I hope this evening's gala is the start of a beautiful relationship. Well, so long and farewell for now. XOXO Maria
Captain Von Trapp: Though I am grateful he ended up covering for us (along with the Mother Abbess), I never want Liesl dating another Nazi again. THOSE DAMN NAZIS. Luckily, I have a beautiful and FULL family (Elsa was a joke, let's be honest. I was bored. I was horny. What else can I say?) that Maria completes. I shouldn't have been so negative towards her at the start, as she makes me feel love again. I am incredibly hopeful for our future (I write this as we are crossing the Austrian border) and cannot wait to live the rest of my life with my beautiful children and glorious new wife. Bless my homeland forever! *rips another Nazi flag*

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