Are you ready for summer? Life on the deck

It is that time of year again, soon our outside features will be put to good use until late fall. Right now you need to put a list together, because you want to make every opportunity outside the best and to maintain the features to last as long as it can.

Throughout fall, your deck probably had some leaves that stayed throughout the winter, and there's an accumulation of dirt and grime that builds up from water and the air, and your deck is now looking dank, black and green. It basically looks like you need to replace the wood, but in reality no. What you need to do is get it washed, with a deck acid/wood conditioner wash and it does miracles! It makes the wood look brand new, strips the old, flaky paint off back down to the bare wood. Almost like going back in time to when you first bought it. After you wash/condition the deck you can water seal it, stain or paint it a new color.

If you landscape, there is a need right now to pull out the foliage that has died, turned brown and is laying on top of the new flowers trying to make your yard for spring and summer. Give the brown ones a nice tug, and they usually comply on your demand to leave the area with your hand. Rake the area a little and you may realized its time to add more dirt and mulch to keep the foliage nourished and healthy.

Because the weather is warmer, people begin new projects outside and/or inside. This includes new flooring, painting a room, sidings on the house, a new roof. Whatever you have in mind, now is a good time to begin with the ability to open your windows to let the dust and paint fumes leave your home.


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