Philosophy Noah Hamburg

Unit 1

January 26th

People started to become more independent than what they were

February 2nd

Socrates would define wisdom as knowing nothing. I can apply the idea of Socratic wisdom to my life because I know nothing.

Unit 2

February 7th

A belief I have is that I am a Christian , this would be categorized under religion.

February 10th

I believe in Christianity but I question what will happen after death

February 13th

Many people believe in doubt , I agree with Descartes method

February 14th

People fall in love to feel whole and find their missing piece

February 22

I think hume means that people will become custom to things that they know will happen.

February 27th

I agree with Hume's work. You never know how everything is going to go so you have to test the causes of things.

February 28

My definition of knowledge is something you know and you've learned from experience to know that knowledge.

Unit 3

March 6

I would say it is pretty important to understand deductive reasoning. Yes it will help you

March 7

I may be able to find the inaccuracies of an inductive or abductive argument , all depends on the situation

March 8

I can't recall if I've ever used formal logic in any of my other classes

March 9

I've never used formal logic in any of my other classes

Unit 4

March 21

I disagree, no matter if you are being watched or not it's right to know right from wrong

March 23

Skipping school to hang with friends would lead to my parents being mad and I would get in trouble. I didn't want to study for a test but I did and then I passed my test.

March 28

I side more with the consequentialism. I enjoy knowing what is right but the other things that could also come and happen with that

April 24

1. everyone knows right from wrong and the difference from being a good or bad person, ethics should not be based on what it means to be a good person. 2. you know the difference from what is right and what is obligatory, that being said ethics should be based on the concept of those things.. The best reasoning for ethical theory is the right and obligatory theory's

April 26

My biggest role model would be Michael Jordan. He's always been someone I have looked to and wanted to live my dream and never give up just like him

May 8

everyone believes in different things to be morally wrong and right.

Unit 5 - Odds and Ends

May 12

knowing what is just for society, you need to think what will be the best and that will show you what is truly just

May 19: Question 1

I agree with the mind theory of identity the most

May 19: Question 2

I dont believe that free will is necessary to deserve praise and blame for someone's actions. you are the only person in charge of your actions

May 22

There would be many things in my life that I would change if given the chance to. I would have taken school much more seriously when I was in middle school and beginning of high school.. high school goes by quick, should have taken it more seriosuly

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