Village Of Hobart LoCal government by:gabi schmit.

My local government meets at 2990 S. Pine tree rd

President, Rich Heidel
Major issue in The Village Of Hobart: Burning Permits

Burning permits : The reason I chose this is as the Most Major issue is because of the government of ho art trying to get people to buy these and I think that people should buy these. Yeah, they may cost money , but it would cost less money than it would for the fine if you didn't have the burning permit. Would you rather pay $70 or over 100? I think our government is handling this very well. I agree with what the government t is trying to do by making people buy burning permits.

The other major issues in Hobart are: 1. The water Utility 2. The sewer Utility 3. The Garbage and Recycling Collection 4. The snow Plowing

Hobart's Municipality


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