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Outlined in Framework for Success in Postsecondary Writing, the "habit of mind", openness, is defined as "the willingness to consider new ways of being and thinking in the world." This habit of mind can be related to my experience in our English 1030 composition class this past week. We have recently gotten more in depth in using the video game, Minecraft Education. I am somewhat of a stubborn person and my initial experiences with the game made me not want to play at all. But, with making my monster sanctuary, I finally got the hang of the program and learned to somewhat enjoy it. My stubbornness made this process much harder. But, my ability to be open allowed me to solve this issue.

In the new movie, Moana, Moana is in a constant conflict of if she should stay with her people or if she should leave to pursue a new adventure. Her father, is not open to the idea of her leaving at all. Her father's influence is what keeps her from going on this journey at first, until she rebels against him. Because of her rebellion, she saved her island and its people, including her father. The lack of openness her father had made the act of leaving that much harder, just like my experience with Minecraft Education. Although I got through my problem in a different way than Moana, both were conflicts with openness.

In an article titled, "Social consequences of experiential openness," openness is explained to be one of the five most important personality traits. The quality of being an open person has many beneficial consequences. (McCrae, 323) Although I am somewhat stubborn and can be set in my ways at times, I am always looking to do and try new things and be as open as possible. I am definitely an extrovert which I believe is a great representation of openness.
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