Slavery By:wyatt

How would you feel if you had to work all day and sometimes night. Your going to be tired. Well that's what slaves do. Slaves are non-stop helping machines. And I don't think you would want to be one!

slaves working at farms.

Slaves can do different jobs and depending on what type of owner slaves had it's different how harsh masters were on slaves. Slaves would work for farmers in the fields all day cutting corn and wheat. If slaves disobeyed their owners they would end up getting whipped or slashes all over their back and it would leave scars or worse. Sometimes when you're a slave your life can be terrible.

These are the types of places that slaves lived in. Mostly in cramped cabins or houses. They had to live near where they worked. Like near a farm or their owner's house. Slaves had to eat the same food every single day. Slaves had chickens roaming around their front door.

Masters gave work to their slaves all the time, so these are a couple jobs that they did. Slaves had to haul boxes and wood almost everywhere. Mostly depending on what their owners job was, or their job. Slaves do a lot of work a day, sometimes their whole entire life. They get served the same food every day, just a little bit of porridge. Slaves shovel flour or salt in bags. They have to garden crops every single day. Slaves leave their family when their six, seven or younger. Slaves never get told that they are important or kind. Their just known as slaves. And they never get recognized for the work that they do.

African was a raise for slavery in the 13 colonial states. Slavery in the 1700's was popular for help. Slaves never got payed, they always dreamed of being free. You should be happy that you are not a slave and have to do that much work a day.

Created By
Wyatt Zapalac


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