The Renaissance By YwjPheej Lee

Marco Polo And the Silk ROad

Races: The reopening of the Silk Road helped spark the Renaissance. The reopening of the Silk Road helped spark the Renaissance because it gave people a way to travel and trade from Asia to Europe which is a far distance and it helped trade increase and people had more money and resources(Holt page 300). Trade increased because the Silk Road led people to there distanation where they can trade and get more money. In conclusion the Silk Road was the most important reason of the cause of the Renaissance because people can be safe too trade to people for trading.

Marco Polo traveling threw china
Marco Polo in china
Marco Polo travel

Italian Trade Cities(Florence)

The Florence Family and Architecture
Italy Agriculture and Buildings

RediscoVering the PaSt (greeK and rome)

Greek and Rome help shape the Renaissance. The Greek and Rome helped shape the development of Renaissance because they inspire many artist from there long lost writing of art which people though were lost forever. Artist and people who study humanist were inspired from the writings that old artist left behind for people(Document 3). Greek and Romans ideas helped Sparks's artist because of there well done art of people which inspire many artist that wants too learn how too make the same art as well. In conclusion many artist were inspire from Greek and Rome art which help shape the development of the Renaissance.

Roman buildings and there art of how they build it.

Greek and Roman architecture of how they show there beauty of art too people.

How Greek and Roman shows how too build there beautiful architecture.

Greek and Roman art of humanism face and how they built it from carving stones.

LeOnardo da vinci

Leonard was a famous artist but he wanted people too know his other skills such as inventing and building. People only admire him form his really good art pieces he only got famous and popular from his beautiful art work. Leonard da Vinci wanted people to know his inventing skills such as flight he wanted man to take flight but people never liked him from that only art and they ignore all of his other skills.

Photos of things Leonard da Vinci invented in the old days.


Michelangelo inventions

Paper and printing (Johann Gutenberg)

Johann Gutenberg materials of his printings
Gutenberg invention on printings and his popularity
Johann Gutenberg inventions

Johann Gutenberg made a big impact on literacy becasue his way of inventing the printer change the world. His invention changed everything becasue now people can print letter, words, and for books for people too read. Gutenberg created printing press which he had too use ink balls too make it be able to print so he press it on the paper and then put it in a type of machine to be able to get a printed paper. Lastly Johann Gutenberg used paint balls to print the paper with its ink which is much easier than just writing everything over and over again.

REnaissance writing (william shaKespeare)

Williams Shakespeare writing reflected humanism ideas. In the article "Literature beyond Italy" William Shakespeare wrote many story such as comedies, tragedies, histories, and people enjoyed his understanding of humanity. William Shakespeare writing also reflected humanism from his writings(Holt pg 317). William Shakespeare writing reflected humanism ideas because of his beauty of the English language and his good understanding of humanity. William Shakespeare writing attracted a wide audience. In the article "literature beyond Italy" William Shakespeare was able to attract a wide audience because readers around the world consider William the greatest writer of the English language(Holt pg 316). William attracted so many people to the audience because many readers consider him the best which people wanted to come watch him at the theatre. In conclusion William Shakespeare was a amazing writer that many readers consider him the best writer in the English language which made many people wanted to come watch his plays in the theater and they loved his English language and his understanding of humanity.

“Don't waste your love on somebody, who doesn't value it.”

"Romeo and Juliet painting"


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