Celebrating Canada By: Gaganpreet Atwal


The annual Québec Winter Carnival includes over 200 activities that range from all ages. This year the carnival was held from January 27th-February 12th, lasting just over 2 weeks. Some of the activities include: ice skating with Bonhomme, the Umprix ice slide (120m long), a national and international snow sculpture contest, Christie’s giant foosball, floor hockey and even a canoe race (“Complete Program”). Bonhomme Carnaval is a snowman who is the official representative of the Québec Winter Carnival. On each opening night of the carnival to confirm Bonhomme as the king of the festivals Québec City’s mayor gives him the key to the city. Bonhomme is so popular that u can even find him on LinkedIn (“Bonhomme Carnaval”). To make all these wonderful events happen the carnival has many sponsors and the main sponsors are SAQ, Hydro Québec, Christie Collection, Vidéotron and Cominar (“Carnival’s Partners 2016”).


I feel like this celebration of winter is so wonderfully Canadian. People from all over the world go to Québec to participate in the carnival and it brings people together. It is so amazimg because it is celebrating winter in Canada and bringing joy to a country. The carnival is like a 2 week vacation full of fun and no stresses or worries. It is what Canada is all about and it is a celebration that's worth celebrating.


Caribana is North America’s largest celebration of Caribbean culture and is a 2 ½ mile route. Caribana is Toronto’s Caribbean Carnival and occurs from late July to early August. Over 1 million people show up as everything is very colourful and it is overall a very fun experience. The first Caribana was held in 1967 and 75 thousand people showed up (King).

Caribana is one of the best things Canada has to offer. It is important to embrace all cultures and that is just what Canada does. We as Canadians should be empowed by the fact that Caribana is North Americas largest celebration of Caribbean culture. We should be proud that we have cities that not only accept but embrace the diversity of the people of Canada.

Great Lakes and St. Lawrence

The Great Lakes are 5 lakes that are shared between Canada and the US. Lake Superior is quite superior to the others as it is the largest in both depth and volume. Lake Erie is the smallest in those regards. There is also Lake Ontario and Lake Huron as well as Lake Michigan which is the only great lake completely in the US. Most of the fresh water Lakes are located in Ontario and the Great Lakes are so large that they cover more area than some countries. The Great Lakes are part of a larger water system that also includes the St. Lawrence. The St. Lawrence is 3,058km long and connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Great Lakes ("Canadian Geography.").

St. Lawrence River

It is an absolutely incredible privilege to harvest such a grand amount of fresh water. These lakes and rivers are apart if our history as well as they provide a water source. It is the reason Fort York in Toronto was built where it is now. We need to appreciate these gifts and privileges and not take them for granted.

Happy 150

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