Third Grade Working together

November’s Prayer leader

Giovanni is this month’s prayer leader

Favorite church season is Easter.

Best thing about God is how he has done many miracles and had a son that did miracles too.

Gio spreads the Kingdom of God by helping and encouraging others.

Giovanni prays in silence and peace.

Favorite Bible story is when God sent Moses to save his enslaved people.

Prayer Giovanni wrote:

Dear God, you have taught us that we all should share and be kind to others. You will always be with us. Amen.

Creating arrays during math rotations

We have started practicing our Christmas song for the show on December 13! It’s been a blast practicing the song. All third graders seem to sing with a huge smile on their face! We will start learning our moves when we get back from thanksgiving break.


Be on the lookout for multiplication during your week off. Math is everywhere. Point out arrays or equal groups when you see them!

Multiplication is everywhere! Where can you find it?

We have a pig!! We have some ideas about what to name it but have yet to have an official vote. Stay tuned for updates.

Questions to ask your third grader

  • What’s the difference between a mood and a character trait?
  • What’s an array?
  • What’s a factor?
  • What natural resources would be helpful for the Native Americans?
  • What is a collective noun? What project are you doing with that?

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