Maxson Family Souq wakif

As we leave Doha...
We have one last adventure through the souq...
Wheel barrels are fun, but not when the wheels are chained.
Some alleyways are to small for our family..
and the conversations revealed much more than Kent or Ashley expected!
Who's the boss? Mommy!
Friday mornings, being one that most stores are not open, causes the foot traffic to be less so that there is more opportunity to make contact with the locals....or not
What fun can we have
When we have so much room to run, and play with balloons.
Curiosity gets the best of us
and be a bit intimidating.
There is just something about running and making birds fly...
on second thought...
I'll protect you...

Come on Mom & Dad! Wer're ready for Kenya!

The last 7 years have been good.

See you later Doha!

Created By
judy priest


JLPriest Photography

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