Louisiana By xzaVier

1 main resources in Louisiana is coastal wetlands.
Another main resource in Louisiana is oil.
My last main resource is oil.

4 important foods in Louisiana are? Strawberries, sweat potatoes, Natchitoches meat pie, and mayhaw jelly.

4 main resources in Louisiana
In summer it is about 82degrees
2 FAMOUS PEOPLE BORN IN LOUISIANA ARE PAYTON MANNING, AND TERRY BRADSHAW. Payton manning was a famous football player who played on the DENVER BRONCOS. But Payton Manning is now retired. Terry Bradshaw is another famous football player but he played on the Pittsburgh Stealers.

State nickname: pelican state.

Louisiana's state bird is the eastern brown pelican.
2 places to visit are garden of zoo and the waterpark in Louisiana.

2 important historical events that happened in Louisiana are hurricane Kitrina and oil was discovered in Louisiana.

Hurricane Kitrina.

State nickname: Pilican state. State seal: Union, justice, and confidence. State tree: Bald cypress. State flower. Magnolia flower. State bird: Eastern brown pelican.

State seal.
State tree.
State flower.


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