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Everyone has a purpose.... well I was born for my sister. And like I am hers I consider her to be mine.... but being the younger one I get spoiled sometimes.... my birthday is not one day's festivities.... it used to be that my mother would make sure that my birthday would last for at least a week.... and since my sister started working she took over this unorthodox ritual... this year it seems like my birthday started on the 28th.... where my sister booked me an appointment at the hair dressers.. FOR CORNROWS... which is something I haven't done since I left Mauritius.... over ten years ago. So this was my pre Barcelona prep in regards to my hair....

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What did I pack.

I learnt this trick when I when to China a couple of years back. Buy 1 (or 2 adapters) of the country you are visiting but also a multi plug.... it's easy to plug everything up.... think about who is traveling with you.... so as I keep tabs about the journey on here (the iPad) and my sister has an iPhone and we use the same cables... we share...

Prep two... lately I haven't been wearing make up and I knew this occasion is special so I filled up my contact lenses container with my concealer and foundation.

Prep 3.... always have a sample clear bag for substances at home from the airport. It helps to get your bearings right when packing. And if you are traveling with someone else always work together... it helps to not carry too much.

Prep 4....cameras, SD cards and micro SD cards and charging up batteries before you leave. And how are you going to save your files. I am one to record videos and with my number 2 gift of the Samsung 360 camera... I had to think fast... I got a new battery saving device for my phone and extra sad cards and a multi plug device to help me transfer my files from the phone to SD cards.

What's in my suitcase


Picture of electronic


Marvel movies mania

Marvel movies


Extra battery and the international phone


Day 1 - 3/03/2017


It's all great and all that airports are so sophisticated... but I always get frisked.... I mean always at Edinburgh airport.... today I didn't even set anything off.... but I was selected at random. Sweta forgot to take her liquids out of her bag so she got her bag searched. After the entire failed security experience.... we got ourselves soon food.... I love having a water bottle on me but I don't like carrying it so recently I bought myself a water bottle carrier.... (you can see it below) and a, super happy with it....

and Sweets did her face while I sat on a high chair (not the baby one) and got her phone charging.... We got ourselves priority seats... so queuing wasn't that bad... hell we didn't queue at all... just got straight on....

Baby it's Cold out


We waited for what seemed like forever to get ou t gates.... we were the first people to get on... I was supposed to have a window seat but got the one supposed to be widow seat.... with no actual window but a black blocked out section... but it's fine.... I could peak out the one behind me...

NVideo of sky

Just when we were about to start moving.... and the air hosts are about to starts doing their demo.... one to theses guys on a stag do start buzzing the help sign. He wants to pee.... he gets told to hold it and wait for went we are up in the air or else he could delay the flight. He shuts up and lets the ladies get on. Now we are in the middle of the plan. Sort of.... and during the demo this guy buzzes the help sign again. The air hostess doing the demo in the middle of the plane has this face like she will rip him one... she waves at the hostess from the front to stop the demo and walks to the man. And he wants to PEE. So now we all know DAVE wants to pee... but this lady isn't the one to shut up.... he argues that he could piss himself... and the air hostess shrugs at him.... all serious... by this point everyone I'd quiet and paying attention to the piss story. But a soon as the seat belt signs goes off... this guy bolts to the loo... and a few men queue up after him.... but when Dave imergers after relieving himself.... heh is received by applause.... I joint in tooo...

marvel universe .... Iron man...

Iron man

I absolutely love marvel movies... so having all of them saved or on google movies seem like the best thing to do.... and like usual Iron man starts the entire thing.... (well bit could be said that in terms time span it would I've cap, spider man, hulk and so on... but let's just say Robert downy junior is the bomb)


Getting drooled on

I don't normally sleep on planes.... and having had four hours of dodo time.... I decided that trying to sleep was essential... specially for the my sister has planed... Guess what... sleeping just reminded me of this uni project I did....

Waters of leith

So no sleep but my sister did.... which brings us to the highlight... She doodled on me... it's alright for some aye.... I am now going to stop yawning and start on iron man two...

Iron man 2




Day 2 - 04/03/2017

Day 3 - 05/03/2017 - back in ScotlanD

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