Blizzard By Chaselyn

Blizzard are not just snow they are even worse. "Sometimes strong winds only pick up dry snow that has already fallen earlier, which then is known as a ground blizzard."

The weather for a blizzard has to be at the right temp and more."Earlier definitions of blizzard also included a condition of low temperatures, on the order of minus 7C/20F or lower, or minus 12C/10F or lower (severe blizzard). The temperature in order for it to snow.

How was the work blizzard used before now."The name originated in the United States but it is also used in other countries. In the 1870's, an Iowa newspaper used the word "blizzard" to describe a snowstorm. Previously, the term blizzard referred to a canon shot or a volley of of musket fire."

In my opinion I think that blizzards are one of the best thing. Many people like and do not like Blizzards.


Created with images by Unsplash - "scene winter cold" • Hans - "blizzard road way home" • shangrilamayakarma - "fence winter frozen"

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