Pink Drink ??? The Story Behind this crazy popular drink from Starbucks

This popular drink has gone viral all over the internet, from Instagram to snap chat to twitter and Facebook. But what is the truth behind this scrumptious sugary drink. Of coarse now you are probably thinking omg now this girl is going to go on about how this drink is unhealthy, but I am going to approach this in a different way. I recently went to Starbucks to see if ordering the Pink Drink would work because it was off of Starbucks's secret menu. And in a weird way it sort of did. When I asked for a Pink Drink the lady said they do not make those. Then I looked up the exact ingredients and said "may I please have a strawberry refresher with coconut milk instead of water with a scoop of strawberries" she totally made the drink and it was outstanding. So remember when you get yours read the ingredients instead of saying the name of the drink. This probably should apply to all of the beverages on the Starbucks secret menu.Oh and I almost forgot you can make this exactly the way you had it at Starbucks, All you need is some sort of tea( my favorite to use is orange blossom from Teavana) lemon juice, honey/sugar, ice cubes and for a more fruity taste cut up some strawberries and garnish the top.

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