Battle of Berlin

This is a illustration of the US forces and soviet forces converging on the Berlin front. The Soviets are surrounding this city and the US are entering from the south, west. This battle took place at April 16,1945 to May 2, 1945
These are the nazy and soviets flag

The battle of Berlin was many between the Germans and the soviets. The soviets had about 1,500,000 more soldiers than the getmans had. The main commander of the soviet army was georgy zhukov. The commander for the Germans was Adolf Hiltler.

This is Berlin's streets destroyed by war

This was a battle of both air and land. On land, there was a lot of hand to hand combat and a lot of close quarter combat which can be highly deadly. Hitler wanted to save the city and this city was the last hope, therefore; the battle was extremely cruisum and deadly. The battle ended when hitler committed suicide with his wife causing the Germans to surrender. The soviets goal was to stop the Germans at the heart of the city and destroy the Germans, as they did. The Germans goal was to save the city of Berlin, but, as a result, they failed. This battle was important because hitler committed suicide causing the Germans to surrender.

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