Brittany Jones b5

Quinoa Salad. We made this while learning about different grains. My group used the grain quinoa, while others made dishes out of rice and other grains.
This is a blue berry muffin. We made these during our "spa" day. Some foods can help you relax and some even manage their stress by cooking.
This Chicken Alfredo entree was made during our chopped lab. Earlier this year we learned how to make pasta from scratch, a skill that was used for this meal.
This is a table setting for guests at a wedding. The table is set dinner style- with two forks and one of each a knife and spoon.
I manage my stress by playing the piano. It helps me relax and forget about things for a few minutes.
Rasleberry crisp is so yummy. While learning to cook with fruit, we made this perfect crisp by balancing the liquid of the fruit with the crisp of the topping.
This swan was made by on the job training. We watched how to make it then tried ourselves right after.
We made yummy breakfast burritos. This lab was designed to practice management.
I chose black because it is a sophisticated, classy color. The dress is formal, yet casually paired with a denim jacket, and a modest length.
China, Peru, and Mexico are the three biggest asparagus producing countries in the world. I love eating cooked asparagus with my dinner or as a snack.
One of my best cuts was my diagonal cut (far left carrot slices). Another great cut was my minced onions (center left). A third great cut for my was my small diced potatoes (bottom right).
I want a Panini maker in my future kitchen. This specific panini press sells for $60.99 but there are cheaper options that sell around $25-30. I found this one on a Google search on
We made White Bean and Basil Bruschetta. We made this because it is high in fiber and American diets are low in fiber.
During our cookie lab, each kitchen had a different recipe. We did this to learn what ingredients are important and make a difference in appearance or flavor.
W made a mummy pizza for Halloween. We learned to make dough during this unit.
I want to be a nutritionist. I enjoy living a healthy life style and eating food that is both nutritious and delicious. A career that helps other people do the same sounds like a good option to me. The average salary for a nutritionist is $56,300 or $27.07 an hour.
My dream vacation is to stay in an over water bungalow in Bora Bora for my honeymoon. Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort offers a variety of amenities along with the bungalow. Amenities include in room massages (for purchase), mini golf, swimming pools, snorkeling gear, kayaks, canoes, and so much more.
Hand washing is among the most important sanitation steps in the kitchen. Hands should be washed for 30 seconds with warm water and soap. Jewelry and nail polish should not be worn and nails should be kept short to avoid bacteria build up.
In class we made personal sized apple crisp. This lab encouraged students to practice the safety and sanitation rules we learned. Each student observed another classmate and their success in following the rules.
During a unit which discussed different types of food, we had the opportunity to make amusement park food. My lab made corn dogs, while other lab groups made funnel cakes, Navajo tacos, and fruit punch.


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