Jupiter By brayden hennessey

Jupiter name means Zeus is the king of the ancient roman gods
On like Saturns icy cold rings Jupiter rings are delicate dusty and Jupiter has 7 rings.
Jupiter has 53 confirmed moons and also 14 possible ones all adding up to 63 moon.
On Jupiter it takes ten hours for one day and for a complete rotation around the sun is 12 years.
Jupiter is the fifth plant in are solar system and the biggest.
Jupiter took shape when the reast of the solar system about 4.5. Billion years a go.
In 1610 Galileo Galilei made the first detailed observation of Jupiter.
If you had to walk across Jupiter you would walk 43,440.7m or 69,911 k.
Jupiter and the Sun are more a like because mostly of both are made of hydrogen and helium.
Jupiter does not have a true surface.
The Great Red Spot is a rage storm that's bin going for hundreds of years .
The top layer of the sky is a layer of nitrogen and hydrogen nh3 is the top layer.
Spinning once every 10 hours creates strong jets streams separating its clouds into dark belts.
Jupiter is swept by over dozens of pervailing. winds some reach up to 335 miles.


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