The Rise of a Millitary Society

How did Japan become a millitary society

Shoguns took power from the emperor and ruled his land. Shoguns where like the real ruler in Japan. The shogun had the most power.

Shoguns,daimyo, and samurai structure and loyalties

The shoguns and daimyo were wealth land owners that were at the top of the class. The samurai was Japan's warrior who fight.

Samurais Armor, a Weapons and Fighting

The samurai had a sword that was a unstoppable weapon. It was called the Catana. They also wore armor to protect themselves during battle.

Millitary training and fighting styles

Samuarai sisnt just train to fight they practiced physical and mental training for battling. Thier fighting techniques were hand to hand combat with swords.

Samuarai Training and Warrior Code

How to become a samurai

You start when you are a kid about three to four years old. Then around seven or eight you are about to be a full grown samurai.

What they were trained to do physically and mentally

Samurais just didn't fight they also needed to learn physical and mental techniques. Some of these were not eating for days at a time and being very calm all the time.

A Bushido

A bushido is a samurai way of life. It is a set of rules that samurais have to follow.

Values, ideas, customs samurais lived by

Samurais lived by self control during daily life. Samurais values were not just to fight but to be smart educated people.


Seppuku is a Japanese Kun reading which is part of the samurai bushido code.

Training in writing and literature

Samurais were smart people they would now how to right and read in their everyday life. They would even train in writing.

Spiritual Training

Amida Buddhism is a celestial Buddha according to the scriptures. Zen Buddhism is a school of Mahayana Buddhism that originated in China.

Woman in samurai society

Role of women in samurai society change

About 16 percent of woman could read or right in the first periods. But then in in the other period half of the woman could read or right. This happened because woman were getting better education.

Life like in 12 century for woman

Life wasn't good for woman in the 12 century because there was a war. Everyday a woman had to worry about their life's everyday.

Life like in 17 century or woman

Know in the 17 century woman were treated much better. It was better because woman got more independence and freedom.

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