Happy Life home And chocolate

In my happy life home there will be a chocolate machine to replace the real chocolate. It will be less sugary to prevent an overdose but still very tasty. Also the house will take vocal orders. People will decide what kind of chocolate they want. For example if I want white chocolate I would ask for chocolate with 30% cocoa butter, 40% milk and 30% sugar but without cocoa solids. I could add maple extract so it will be tastier. After a lot a chocolate, you will really know what type of chocolate you rather eat.


The rooms in the house will be easily removable and replacable so if you want a spa room or a video game room the builders would change the rooms that you don't want.

This is a lovely spa.

Earphones will be provided to you and the house will know what kind of music you want. Also if someone was talking to you the sound would become lower automaticaly. The walls will be screens and usable by everyone. For example, if I am watching "Haters Back Off" but unfortunately I need to go to the bathroom, the image would follow me and the sound would still be in my earphones.

Created By
Pomal Pretty


Created with images by .reid. - "thumbs up" I want to thank my mom because she was'nt there for me so I became the Batman also I'm glad that my creation will help people in need of answers because you know you have to ask yourself "Who am I?" and "What is my purpose?". Right after that you can become Bouddha or whatever. I already met Bouddha. He's a nice guy. I was surfing on Dalaï-lama and he was meditating on Chuck Norris. It was a funny Saturday. It was the same day I invited the Devil to take a snack. Unfortunately when Bob Ross arrived, he just beat him out of the place. It was a fun little picture. After my bath into the sun, I realized that I was pomal pretty.

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