Bonded Labor By Jennifer contreras

What is bonded labor?Bonded labor is a form of slavery in which the individual must work to payoff debt and can not leave till the debt is payed off.

  • Bonded labor is sadly the most widespread-yet the least known.
  • The person is tricked or trapped to working for very little or no pay at all.
  • The victim usually works and makes more money than their debt is worth.
  • debts are sometimes even passed though generations.
  • individuals are treated to stay often, some are even kept under surveillance or even lock and key.
This is a global map of bonded labor around the world.

Why is this form of slavery found? This form of slavery is found when an individual exploits themselves into slavery against a loan or when they inherit a debt form a relative.

Who is involved in bonded labor?, Who "owns" the slaves? A person who needs a debt to pay off is often involved in bonded labor. The person who "owns" the slaves is often the person the debt is owed to.

who enslaves the people who are considered slaves and how they enslave them?

The people who enslaves the considered slaves are most likely form South Asia,Pakistan etc. they enslave them by misleading them into fake interviews.

What type of treatment did these slaves receive? They are forced to work to repay what they owe, they can only work for them. If they work for anyone else, the owner will hurt or lock them to make them stay. These people don't get an education because they are forced to work and locked away from the world.

What is being done to eliminate the form of slavery? The governments of countries with slavery are trying to develop and implement measures to end it. Governments are making agencies to make slavery a issue. Around the world, public awareness, lastly we are educating the people to inform them the realities of slavery and we are campaigning for its end.

Do these slaves enjoy any rights or freedoms? What are they? They can have kids. Some places they have the rights of a free person and in others there treated like slaves.


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