Andrew Carnegie Robber baron

Andrew Carnegie's treatment of his workers made him a robber baron. he would make pay low for his workers and his condition where terrible. "Everywhere were grimy men with sallow and lean faces. The work was inhuman sort that hardens and coarsens" (Hamlin Garland).

There average daily hours for his workers are 10.67 hours with only a average of $1.81. Compared to his workers, Carnegie makes $9,200 hourly and his daily wage would be about $92,000. This would then start the homestead strike where 9 workers where killed.

Cartoon of Andrew Carnegie

With his reputation tarnished, Carnegie would start to give much of his money to people to try and clean his name. For example he gave $400,000 to Princeton University, 1 million to the TIAA (Teachers' Insurance & Annuity Assoc), gave 10 million to Universities of Scotland, and made Carnegie Hall.

Carnegie Hall New York

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