Smartphones- A great invention? Irene Rescalvo

Many people today don't just have a Mobil phone, they have a smartphone like an iPhone or a Blackberry. But is a great invention? I think there are both advantages and disadvantages.

The first adventatge is you can search information when you want and where you are in that moment and more quickly. Also you can be communicated always with friends and family who are near or far of you, and if you have an emergency you can call anyone by this gadget in seconds.

However, this gadget have also disadvantages as you can should be more antisocial and talk less with your friends and family because it takes you the opportunity to explain your problems quickly and when you see them you can't nothing for explain them. Also, it unfocus you because you have to answer the messages of your friends and stop to do the work that you were doing.

In conclusion, I think smartphones are not bad, but neither it aren't good. If you use it correctly is good but if you don't use it correcty is bad.


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