Why You Should Subscribe To Venturian Tale By jacob redick

So you may know of the YouTube channel, Venturian Tale. Here are a few reasons why you should subscribe to them.

This is them

On to reason number 1! You should subscribe, because of how frequent the content is uploaded. Other youtubers upload once a week. However, this group uploads every other day. That means you have a lot of unique, and different videos to watch.

"Is it gonna blow up?? That would be a yeua!"

Their skyrim videos is one of the many series that has a lot of variety.

"Lick the tabletop!"

This quote explains itself.

The Second reason is that they are hilarious. If you need a break from the serious channel this is the channel to go to. They make awesome jokes and don't take things very serious. They are the 5 year olds of gaming.

You tell them Cywren!

Freddy gonna get you!


And the third and final reason is because they are family friendly. A lot of youtubers swear in videos, but these guys are different. They don't swear and are very friendly. If you ever want to sit down with your family and watch YouTube videos without swearing, you can watch these videos.

They have a lot of variety

They are very friendly

And are very funny an-.....

Those were a few of the reasons why you should subscribe to Venturian Tale. Hope you enjoyed!!!

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